Building Spiritual Community

Over thirty three years ago, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian began a ministry with a vision of an interfaith spiritual community that worships the One Truth known by many names. Today, the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment is one of the largest faith communities in the Santa Clara South Bay Area. The Center is a community of spiritual seekers from many cultures and religious backgrounds and serves many households through publications, programs, and services in the community.

The Center offers worship services, youth and family programs, classes, and retreats that facilitate personal development and a Spirit filled life. Every week, hundreds of people who attend CSE engage in spiritual practice through prayer, meditation, hatha yoga and living a spiritually balanced life.

The ministry at the Center has created an environment in which individuals, youth and families can grow spiritually through awakening to the truth of our essential nature. Awakening to this truth brings new joy in daily living and clarity of how to contribute to the well-being of all.

Welcome Ministry provides newcomers to the ministry a way to meet others and ask questions. Once a month, we offer a Community Orientation which gives an overview of the vision and mission of the ministry, the general history of the organization and introduction to the teaching philosophy.

Volunteer Ministry provides information about service at CSE in the tradition of Seva, or selfless service, as we learn to offer the results of our actions to God. There are many ways to offer your time and energy to the ministry and the team supports each person in finding the right place for their interest and skills.

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