About CSE

It is the fundamental right and great destiny of every person to realize their divine nature, and with that realization, know true freedom and happiness. CSE is dedicated to this above all—that we may know the truth, be free, live fulfilled lives with purpose and meaning, and serve life in the highest way.

The ministry of Center for Spiritual Enlightenment is focused on global ethical and spiritual awakening to bring about world peace and the importance of individual participation toward this goal. Our vision is individual and planetary awakening to the One Truth known by many names. 

One conscious breath can change your life.

-Yogacharya O'Brian

We are dedicated to spiritual awakening by fostering the presence of peace in the community, the world, and in the hearts and minds of individuals. This is our mission. Spiritual awakening is the revelation of our inherent divine nature; it is not something attained or created. Peace simply facilitates it. A peaceful, conscious, heart and mind allow one’s true Self to be realized. Self-realization is the key to conscious living and a world where everyone can thrive.

You can experience the spiritual teachings of the Center through many different avenues. The Center offers worship services; adult enrichment classes in spiritual philosophy and practice, healthy living, and Hatha Yoga; retreats; leadership training; spiritual direction and counseling; children's education; and a thriving spiritual community. Join us for our next newcomer orientation (see calendar). 

At CSE you will find the Temple of the Eternal Way (our sanctuary of worship), Meditation Gardens, Youth Spiritual Education, Community Room, Meru Institute, Hatha Yoga Classes, Meditation Chapel and Meditation Hall, Tree of Life Welcome Center & Bookshop, Lahiri Retreat House, and Administrative Offices.