Study & Practice

Every moment of every day we are walking upon the spiritual path.
-Yogacharya O'Brian


Study on the spiritual path includes study of scripture, contemplation of the nature of Reality, and self-inquiry. Study is both the process of acquiring knowledge and the unfoldment of inner wisdom. Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Read a little. Meditate more. Think of God all the time.” Study of scripture or spiritual teachings is combined with contemplation of what is read, practice of the principles, and examination of the effects of that practice in our lives.

Self-inquiry and self-examination are essential components of spiritual study. From the deepest level of inquiry that explores the fundamental question, “who am I, or what am I?”, to examining how our experience of life is related to our habitual thoughts and beliefs, to discovering how our food choices influence our mental clarity and physical well-being, study is a comprehensive component of the spiritual life. 

We offer several avenues of study at CSE to support Self-realization and healthy living. Offerings include courses focused on spiritual principles and practices, certification trainings to develop specific skills, programs for youth and families, as well as classes and events to nurture the soul and overall well-being. 


Yoga is a method of practice in which the truth of spiritual teachings are directly verified. In yoga, it is considered essential that one have a direct experience of the teachings. The goal is for one to become liberated or Self-realized. Self-realization occurs through the direct perception of soul knowledge. This direct perception cannot be attained from merely reading books. Neither is it created through practice of spiritual exercises; they only prepare the way. This truth already exists within the soul, so it cannot be attained or created. It can only be remembered.

At CSE we offer many classes and programs that support this goal by providing an environment that is conducive to the experience of awakening.