Group Meditation at CSE

The practice of superconscious meditation in the spiritual life is much like the process of digging a well for water that is so freely available and abundant. It teaches us how to awaken to the spiritual presence that is always there and is the real foundation of our existence. As we consciously dig, deeply contacting the spiritual depths of our own Being and inviting that presence into our daily life, it begins to bless us, to flower, and to bear the fruit of peace and harmony in all our affairs.

CSE offers free instruction in the basic philosophy and practice of meditation, including how to begin and maintain a regular practice. We address posture, breath, the nature of the mind, how to deal with distractions, and the devotional aspect of the practice. (meditation class info)


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Let us meditate on the inner light of pure awareness. With each breath experience waves of joy moving through you until you reach the shore of absolute stillness. Behold the dawn of supernal peace arising within you.

- Yogacharya O'Brian