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Thursday 03/15/2018 To offer love in all that we do is to be what we are. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 03/16/2018 Offering love is recognizing a mutual aliveness, a shared reality in God. Just to admire a little bird, or a flower, can be an offering of love if you see God, and not just an object. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 03/17/2018 What is your dream for your life? The strength to bring it forth is within you. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 03/18/2018 We can choose to claim the divine life. It is up to us to make choices that are consistent with being awake or allow ourselves to be swept away by the tide of circumstances. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 03/19/2018 Grief is Love’s doorkeeper. Recognize it for what it is. Tip your hat to it as you walk through the door on your way to greater Love. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 03/20/2018 True joy comes not from getting what we want, but by being who we want to be. Be free from reacting to conditions, one way or the other. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 03/21/2018 Move into that higher consciousness where conditioned thoughts, habits, and negative behaviors cannot enter. In the higher true Self, habits have no power. They fall away because there is no ego for them to cling to. Ellen Grace O'Brian