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Saturday 09/15/2018 Using our vision power for good, keeps the mind out of the ditch of despair. The universe responds to the creative activity of mind. That is why it is important to use that faculty consciously to envision the highest good. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 09/16/2018 Cultivate the inspiration and anticipation that your life is a divine unfoldment. Know that greater good, beyond your current knowledge, is right now coming your way. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 09/17/2018 One of the most persistent obstacles we encounter to our own happiness, peace, and well-being is our tendency to argue with the way things are. Acceptance brings freedom and unleashes our power. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 09/18/2018 With spiritual awakening, ego recedes to the background and becomes a service vehicle for the divine Self, instead of a tyrannical driver. When our viewpoint shifts from ego dominance to soul awareness, we are ready to cooperate with the Infinite. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 09/19/2018 Once we remove the idea that our meditation practice is our exercise in becoming enlightened, the pressure to accomplish results is removed. Then we are free to meditate simply for the joy of it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 09/20/2018 As emanations of God, all the qualities of God are within us. Yet, these qualities exist as only as potential. As we live with higher purpose and bring forth what is within us, those divine potentials are realized. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 09/21/2018 Vision is different from fantasy or daydreaming. It is capturing the code of our soul life, connecting to the possibility for good that awaits our willingness to bring it forth. No compromise. No nonsense. No more detours, or delays. Ellen Grace O'Brian