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Friday 07/12/2019 Faith gives us the momentum to test spiritual teachings. Then our faith which was initially a support becomes substance. It becomes a living faith because we have seen, known, and realized for ourselves. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 07/13/2019 Focusing on God is the way to remain inwardly serene in all circumstances. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 07/14/2019 The aspiration of our hearts is to know God because God is our life; this is also what makes that knowing possible. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 07/15/2019 Divine love is love purified of self-interest. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 07/16/2019 An entire family can be healed or transformed by one person who is spiritually awake. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 07/17/2019 We can only know about God with the mind. We cannot know God with the mind. But with the heart, the core of our being, God can be known. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 07/18/2019 When the light of inner wisdom dawns and we are able to act with heart, mind, and soul in alignment, then it is time to move forward. Until then, receptive stillness is the way. Ellen Grace O'Brian