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Saturday 03/18/2017 The invitation to realize oneness, to experience divine love and support, is always there, but sometimes we miss it. We get distracted, or worried, or too self-concerned to consider that there is something magnificent going on. There is. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 03/19/2017 We are in the midst of the divine play. The divine Friend continually invites us to see a larger view of this life we are living. Clues and prompts are everywhere. When we pay attention, we find It. Something holy. Divine. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 03/20/2017 Being authentic, true to our divine Self, is more important than we might ever have imagined. It is the key to our aliveness. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 03/21/2017 Grace is essential for experiencing and living an awakened life. Our spiritual progress does not come about purely through our own efforts, though they are essential. It’s the winning combination of self-effort and divine grace that assures an awakened life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 03/22/2017 We can get so involved in what attracts or concerns us that we forget our actual purpose in life and what really matters. It’s not just doing or accomplishing that is important. Whatever we do is an avenue for spirit to express, for the inner light to be revealed. That really matters. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 03/23/2017 We all have hints that there is more to us, more to life... something greater, vaster, richer, and deeper. This inclination to look for “something more” is the soul seeking to realize itself. Be like a miner following a vein of gold; follow that inclination to its source. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 03/24/2017 Refuge is always at hand. By letting go of the idea that we are separate from the One, we find shelter from any storm. The winds of worries and fears cannot enter the soul’s fortress of peace. Ellen Grace O'Brian