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Wednesday 05/15/2019 Self-discipline is the way we turn our life toward fulfillment by purifying our heart, mind, and body so the inner Light of divinity can lead the way. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 05/16/2019 To reach freedom, joy, and the delight of thriving we must travel the path of delightful thought, speech, and action. Spiritual self-discipline has us trade in anything that brings suffering for what brings lasting joy and soul happiness. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 05/17/2019 Time to raise our game! The Bhagavad Gita says it perfectly: “Raise your self by your Self.” Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 05/18/2019 Self-discipline is fiery energy that can burn through obstacles and light up your path. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 05/19/2019 Imagine a wave rising from the bosom of the ocean, looking around at other waves, comparing itself to them, and declaring: I am not enough, not good enough, not pretty enough, not wild enough. Meanwhile, it is obvious to the onlooker that the wave is nothing less than the ocean expressing itself. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 05/20/2019 Reining in the misguided, self-serving motives of ego allows life’s prospering, evolutionary, creative impulse to rise in us. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 05/21/2019 Polishing the body and mind with self-discipline, we allow our innate radiance to pour through. In its wake is the soul’s delight. Ellen Grace O'Brian