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Monday 07/16/2018 Self-realization is the key to living simply. It neutralizes the tendency toward acquiring and renders greed impotent. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 07/17/2018 Look for a way to lift the spirits of those around you today. There are many ways to serve God. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 07/18/2018 Strong mental chains are forged from desire and habit. Each time action is taken to fulfill desire, another link is added. Use discernment and self-discipline and break the chain. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 07/19/2018 Wake up; you are Love itself. Live that way. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 07/20/2018 The spiritual teacher knows who we are--beyond our personality, charm, cleverness, appearance, income, or intellectual prowess. The spiritual teacher sees the Divine in us and insists on it. The commitment of the spiritual teacher is to call that forth and to settle for nothing less. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 07/21/2018 Whatever sorrow there is, whatever sickness there is, whatever hatred there is, whatever unrest there is, Spirit is stronger. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 07/22/2018 Soar through your day on the wings of faith. Keep turning your mind to God. Soon it will return on its own, as a bird rides the current home. Ellen Grace O'Brian