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Tuesday 12/12/2017 Conditions are ever-changing but they occur or arise on the ground of being, or pure existence, which is unchanging. That is what we are. This Self-knowledge is the shelter for every storm. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 12/13/2017 Grief, anger, and greed arise in the mind. We are not the mind. We are the Light that shines in the mind, the Witness of the mind. We are Supreme Consciousness observing the mind and its changes. Observe how everything arises and passes away. Be free. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 12/14/2017 A formula for happiness: Bless what comes and bless what goes. When we bless all of our experiences they can bless us. Anything can bring us to greater love and awareness—if we allow it to. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 12/15/2017 We are all expressions of the One Reality called God—the unbounded, omnipresent, unlimited divine Reality. Our potential is infinite and the divine qualities within us are unlimited. Focus on your strengths and any weaknesses will fall away from neglect. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 12/16/2017 Love is the true measure of aliveness. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 12/17/2017 We are not here to make a living but to fulfill our divine destiny. To discern the divine pattern that wants to unfold we must see with the eyes of the heart as well as with the mind. Our cooperation is required. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 12/18/2017 Live your life as a great bliss adventure. Be willing to follow what has heart and meaning. Let go of clinging to how you think it should be and allow the soul to lead. Trust your intuition. Follow it. Ellen Grace O'Brian