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Friday 09/25/2020 Do not strive to fix the world; that is arrogance. Instead, love the world as your self. Change any part of your life that does not reflect this truth. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 09/26/2020 Peace comes in a moment but takes a lifetime to realize. It is not something we attain; it is a way of life. Fill your day with peaceful moments that become a peaceful life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 09/27/2020 Trusting God is the willingness to wait actively for insight. Faith holds the time of not knowing as a fisherman holds his line. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 09/28/2020 Prayer aligns body, mind, and spirit. With prayer, we can keep our balance. Without it, one part of our nature is compromised and another over-developed. Prayer is the key to harmony with self and others. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 09/29/2020 Those who discern that God is within are satisfied only with the direct route to knowing God. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 09/30/2020 Before awakening, we look for happiness in the future; we imagine it as a result of something that we attain. With an awakened heart, we recognize the joy of communion with the One as the means and the end. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 10/01/2020 Everything gives according to its nature; nothing can provide more than what it is. What is temporary brings temporary happiness or security, which is its full extent. Only That which is eternal can give lasting happiness. Ellen Grace O'Brian