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Sunday 10/15/2017 To work with joy, affirm: God in me knows what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. I am one with God; I know this now. I am free from all uncertainty, for God delivers every inspired idea to me exactly when I need it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 10/16/2017 We cannot ask too much of God. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 10/17/2017 Divine potential has nothing to do with the past. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 10/18/2017 God is realized in the world. “Few mortals realize the kingdom of God extends fully to the earth plane.” Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 10/19/2017 Everything is perfectly arranged for us to grow in love and to be transformed by it. We can recognize this when we stop arguing with the way things are. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 10/20/2017 We commune with God in the temple of silence beyond words and thoughts yet we realize God in the temple of mutuality. All of life is God in expression. See God in everyone and everything today. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 10/21/2017 When the conditioned self doesn’t see a possibility for healing or for reconciliation, remember that the heart, the essential Self, always has a way. Ellen Grace O'Brian