Daily Inspiration Archive
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Monday 11/12/2018 To enhance your strength, inwardly affirm: the wisdom of God indwells me, the power of God is within me, the peace of God sustains me, and the joy of God overflows through me. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 11/13/2018 True generosity nourishes us and those around us. When we follow the inspiration of generosity, there is always enough. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 11/14/2018 Our mind is a portion of universal mind which is responsive to our convictions and habitual states of consciousness. Dwelling in God-conscious awareness magnetizes our minds to seek and to attract the highest good. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 11/15/2018 To know God, we must do so directly beyond the perceptual separation of subject and object. There is no separate “I” that can know or find God, there is only God. There is only the One That Is. You are That. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 11/16/2018 Life, or God, is self correcting. Faith and the courage to live authentically hone our receptivity to divine guidance. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 11/17/2018 Carry the sweet fragrance of the soul’s peace everywhere you go today. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 11/18/2018 Every person is spiritually designed and destined for success. Turn toward Truth and boldly embrace your divine identity. Ellen Grace O'Brian