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Monday 09/09/2019 When divine guidance is received, it brings peace with it. The mind stops its turbulence. All our wandering, worrying thoughts stop and bow in the presence of the Lord. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 09/10/2019 Ultimate security is found in the divine Self. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 09/11/2019 God is not someone or something to love; God is Love itself. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 09/12/2019 To fall in love with God is to realize God’s omnipresence, and to recognize God in and as all that we encounter. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 09/13/2019 Those who realize their innate fullness, aren’t jealous or envious of others. They draw to themselves the best of everything—including attracting wise, compassionate, and noble-hearted people. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 09/14/2019 We cannot simultaneously love God and intentionally harm another being—whether that is through our thoughts, speech, or action. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 09/15/2019 Love everyone regardless. Why? Because Love is the truth of our being. The only way to realize it is to bring it forth. Ellen Grace O'Brian