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Monday 05/14/2018 We cannot simultaneously love God and intentionally harm another being—whether that is through our thoughts, speech, or action. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 05/15/2018 Love everyone regardless. Why? Because Love is the truth of our being. The only way to realize it is to bring it forth. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 05/16/2018 Restraining the ego’s tendency to dominate makes room for the soul to shine through. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 05/17/2018 Ahimsa’s best friend and constant companion is satya or truth. They are inseparable, won’t go anywhere without each other. If we want to know love, we must welcome truth. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 05/18/2018 The fabric of love and intimacy is torn whenever we are not truthful. Truth reveals love. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 05/19/2018 The power to manifest our intentions depends on our integrity. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 05/20/2018 Truth can move mountains of obstacles in our personal lives and our world. Truth realized. Truth spoken. Truth lived. Ellen Grace O'Brian