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Tuesday 06/20/2017 Cultivating love, offering service, and lighting the lamps of devotion for God raise our consciousness from the horizon of ego to the infinite sky of divine truth. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 06/21/2017 God is our supreme disinterested Friend, one whose love is completely free of personal taint. Nothing we ever do, whether worthy or unworthy of us, can ever interfere with that love. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 06/22/2017 Unconditional love cannot be won or destroyed, only accepted or rejected. Many are challenged to accept the pure simplicity of divine love. The moment we do, we begin to perceive the supportive presence of the Friend. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 06/23/2017 The perceptual power of the senses is the soul’s light streaming through the mind. When the mind is turned inward upon its source, the light is withdrawn from the sense lamps and serenity prevails. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 06/24/2017 Neither poverty nor riches bring happiness. The wealth of a heart full of divine love is the only currency that provides enduring joy. Invest in love each day by turning to God with gratitude for all that is. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 06/25/2017 Ask nothing. Want nothing. Give everything you can. These are the keys to wealth beyond measure. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 06/26/2017 Those who seek their happiness in divine remembrance find their right desires easily fulfilled. Ellen Grace O'Brian