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Sunday 01/13/2019 We cannot become any more spiritual than we already are. There is no spiritual condition to be attained or improved because our spiritual nature is without cause. Spiritual practice is remembering this and acting in accordance with it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 01/14/2019 Nothing separates us from God, nothing, ever—no condition, no belief, no past deed, or impure thought. We can think we are separate, we might feel like we are, we might even believe that we are, but none of that can ever make it so. A single Reality expresses as all that is. God is our life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 01/15/2019 The joyous, spiritually conscious life rests upon simple choices—choices made in ordinary moments each day. Choosing well is living well. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 01/16/2019 What is it that turns the mind toward the light but the presence of Divine Light Itself? Divine grace is already at work in your life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 01/17/2019 When we choose our words carefully and follow through with what we say, we build confidence in the power of our word and the strength our will. There is spiritual power in truth. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 01/18/2019 The phrase “I am” is declarative—it signifies our eternal existence as spiritual beings. Use the phrase affirmatively to evoke innate divine qualities and strengths. Be conscious of what you say you are. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 01/19/2019 Changing our thought patterns from resentment to forgiveness does not give us amnesia. We don’t forget what happened, but we do become better equipped to deal with it with a loving heart and a calm mind. Ellen Grace O'Brian