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Friday 11/08/2019 The purpose of the outer teacher or guru is to lead us home to the true Guru, our divine nature. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 11/09/2019 The journey of awakening takes us from identification with the body-mind as a separate self to the reality of our oneness with the Infinite. We cross the river of delusion and discover the shore of eternity. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 11/10/2019 An enlightened teacher can transmit spiritual truth to the receptive student because that same truth already resides within him or her. The eternal truth is within us all. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 11/11/2019 The still, small voice of revealed knowledge is perceived through the faculty of intuition. To receive inner guidance, sit until the thought waves in the mind settle, and the light of soul inspiration shines forth. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 11/12/2019 We cannot know Absolute Reality with the mind and senses because it is omnipresent. We cannot step outside of omnipresence to observe it. We must experience it to know it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 11/13/2019 Speech is an intermediate step in the creative process between thought and action or material substance. Let your words be instrumental in bringing forth the highest good you desire. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 11/14/2019 Be willing to sit in the silence and wait upon the direct perception of the higher Self. Once released from identification with the body and mind, soar in the freedom of the Spirit and experience new vistas of possibility opening before you. Ellen Grace O'Brian