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Saturday 04/22/2017 Prosperity is not something that happens in our life when we get what we want nor is it something that we achieve. It’s not based on what we have or what we do. It is a way of life. Prosperous living is based on the awareness of the spiritual truth of our being. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 04/23/2017 Don’t wait to be prosperous. Don’t look for outer conditions to change in order to declare yourself prosperous, to declare yourself a child of God, to declare yourself happy and successful. Don’t wait; accept your spiritual inheritance now. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 04/24/2017 Action taken to support selfish motives ultimately brings bondage and suffering. Selfless service supports freedom and joy for all concerned. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 04/25/2017 Concentration acts as a purifying agent for the mind and the heart and prepares the way for meditation. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 04/26/2017 We perform many supportive acts for ourselves everyday without expecting any acknowledgement. With spiritual vision, we can care for others in the same way—spontaneously and without expecting a return. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 04/27/2017 With a mind full of thoughts that run like a stampede of horses, how is it possible to know happiness? When the restless mind is brought to a still point through meditation, the stampeding horses stop to drink from the waters of the soul’s joy. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 04/28/2017 Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime. What other lifetime is there? Ellen Grace O'Brian