Daily Inspiration Archive
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Saturday 03/28/2020 Regularly incorporate a pause before beginning any activity to anchor your attention in the awareness of the presence of God. Inwardly affirm that you are divinely directed. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 03/29/2020 With Self-knowledge, self-improvement comes naturally – not without discipline or effort, but with the support of divine grace. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 03/30/2020 Search the divine book of your heart to discern what is ready to express through you, what you may become. Our life itself reveals the divine yearnings, ready to be revealed. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 03/31/2020 Don’t think or worry so much about secondary or outer things. If you put realization of the Truth at the center of your life, everything else will come to you with grace and ease. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 04/01/2020 Grace is the irrepressible activity of Spirit inherent in all of life. It continually supports spiritual awakening and the fulfillment of divine purpose. It is supporting you in this moment -- look for it and cooperate with it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 04/02/2020 The supportive presence of Spirit becomes visible as we follow through with the inner guidance revealed to us. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 04/03/2020 Being fully alive is responding to the soul’s call to live by love and not fear. Ellen Grace O'Brian