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Tuesday 02/23/2021 If we are receptive to the invitation to begin our spiritual journey in earnest, we can say, “I am no longer willing to live at odds with my soul. I surrender to the Power for Good to direct my steps on the path. Now I am turning to God.” Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 02/24/2021 To pray effectively, let go of believing in the power of a problem. Instead, put your attention on the One Power that is the source of all healing. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 02/25/2021 Problems fall away in divine communion. Resting in silent awareness of wholeness, the sense of separate self disappears. Along with it, our seemingly intractable difficulties lose their hold on us. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 02/26/2021 Before acting, inquire: “Am I sincere?” We know the answer if we only stop and ask. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 02/27/2021 Experiences that seemed real to us while dreaming are seen as passing phenomena in the light of awakening. Use that insight to examine experiences in your waking life. They also will pass. Notice what remains. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 02/28/2021 It’s a new day. Arise and live your divine life now. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 03/01/2021 When we are not clear about our actions, we may try to justify them. When we discern right action and are anchored in soul awareness, no justification is needed. We are confident in the Infinite. Ellen Grace O'Brian