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Wednesday 07/01/2020 Whether it is love for God or devotion to Truth, the strength of our commitment draws the response. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 07/02/2020 The true Self remains unstained regardless of any harmful deeds we may have done. The consequences of our errors may serve to break our heart open and allow the true Self to shine the light of compassion into our life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 07/03/2020 The benefits of daily meditation touch all areas of our life. As body and mind are purified and awareness grows, we experience radiant health, a peaceful mind, and harmonious relationships. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 07/04/2020 As we learn to restrain the ego’s selfish desires, our relationships with others naturally improve. The soul’s joy lights up our heart and mind and illumines our interactions with others. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 07/05/2020 Once we awaken to divine love, nothing else completely satisfies. Living by the soul’s joy, we are free from restless searching for “something” to make us happy. We are happy. We are home. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 07/06/2020 The mind, which has been allowed to roam wherever it will, at first resists the discipline of meditation. With focus and dedication, the goal of inner peace is attained. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 07/07/2020 Meditation requires commitment and steadfast attention. Return attention again and again to the object of meditation, until at last the peaceful state prevails. Then, let go and enjoy. Ellen Grace O'Brian