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Thursday 11/26/2020 No amount of self-control or discipline will bring love, peace, or joy because they are spiritual qualities. They are not the result of something we do or produce. Divine attributes are revealed from within; they blossom when conditions are right. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 11/27/2020 Meditation is transformative. The unleashed splendor of our divine nature facilitates positive changes that last, those that truly matter. They come forth from within us. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 11/28/2020 Spiritual discipline is arranging conditions that support living in the highest way. This discipline is not to make ourselves better but to be what we already are. Strive for Self-realization rather than self-improvement. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 11/29/2020 With realization of the true Self, there is no struggle with discipline. When divine love permeates our hearts and minds, we naturally do what is right. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 11/30/2020 Our soul power to “just be present” with whatever is at hand is the highway to happiness. It is an assertion that what we are as Spirit is more powerful than any situation or circumstance. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 12/01/2020 Transform your senses through meditation and nonattachment, and they become instruments for detecting divine beauty and grace everywhere. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 12/02/2020 Selfless service is a transforming fire. We imagine we are helping others, but we are the ones who benefit. God shapes us as we surrender to being of service. Ellen Grace O'Brian