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Thursday 02/16/2017 Those who know and experience life as full of blessings are those who believe in Life’s inherent, irrepressible tendency to bless. With this belief, they put the basic law of mind and consciousness into motion. That basic law of “as within, so without” is the foundation for increasing our experience of life’s blessings. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 02/17/2017 Be willing to pause for a “prayer moment” anytime during the day that the inclination arises. Watch for it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 02/18/2017 We can ask ourselves: Am I now “giving power” to any person, condition, or situation in my life? What would it be like to turn to God as the only power and support? Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 02/19/2017 Meditation is a way of life. It is learning how to be present. Meditate because you love yourself. Meditate because you love life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 02/20/2017 One overarching Reality permeates the world, everyone and everything in it. The energy and substance of God in the universe is constantly changing form but does not increase or decrease. Because this Reality is infinite, whole, and complete, there is no lack in it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 02/21/2017 Awareness of God must come into the realm of our conscious experience. Otherwise, the power and presence of God does not matter much to us. It is all around us, but we are not accessing it. When we consciously abide in it, we develop a spiritual consciousness that attracts what is needed. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 02/22/2017 Anyone who sincerely desires to experience a direct relationship with the Infinite can do it by simply realizing what is already so. Ellen Grace O'Brian