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Monday 07/19/2021 Lift your awareness from all concerns and be established in the consciousness of God’s ever-abiding presence. In divine peace, you will know right action. Wait for it to be revealed. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 07/20/2021 To wisely decide on a course of action, first take time to become established in the awareness of the presence of God. Let divine peace fill your mind. Then inwardly inquire: what is in harmony with the highest good? Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 07/21/2021 God is the ultimate Subject; therefore, God can never be an object for the mind to know. God is the Knower; ego only imagines it is. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 07/22/2021 There are two paths before us in life: one that disappoints or leads to suffering and the one that leads to true fulfillment. Learning to discern which is which and having the willingness and courage to follow the latter is the practice for spiritually conscious living. Inquire: Where will this lead? Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 07/23/2021 We are lifted out of fear, worry, lack, or bondage to any condition when we cease identifying with it. Speak a new word today—a word of hope and faith that all things are possible with God. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 07/24/2021 Every lie tears the fabric of wholeness and ultimately robs us of our joy. To be truthful is not always easy, but it is always the way to freedom and joy. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 07/25/2021 Food offers a natural way to contemplate oneness. Take time to notice the food with awareness of how it was grown and prepared. Be conscious of the amount you eat and how you eat it. It is all connected. Ellen Grace O'Brian