Board of Directors

Board of Directors

CSE has a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of up to 13 community members who serve three-year terms.

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Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian, Advisor

As CSE's Founding Teaching and Spiritual Director, Yogacharya O’Brian serves as an advisor to the Board.

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Rev. Sundari Jensen, President

Rev. Sundari Jensen met her spiritual teacher, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, in March of 1992 and was initiated into Kriya Yoga by her in 1999. She is a Senior Kriya Yoga Teacher and serves as CSE’s Executive Director and Board President. As Provost of Meru Institute, Rev. Sundari oversees the training and preparation of CSE teachers and leaders.

Meena Corbin, Vice President

Meena Corbin was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2004 and is a trained meditation teacher and serves on the Board of Directors as Vice President. For many years, Meena’s vocation was in cloud services at Oracle.

Genet Terrera, Secretary

Genet Teffera was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2003 and serves as CSE Board Secretary. She has studied and traveled extensively including studying human rights and humanitarian law in Geneva. Genet earned her law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Rev. Claire Hayes, Treasurer

Rev. Claire Hayes was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2009 and serves as CSE Board Treasurer, providing leadership for the Prosperity Team, overseeing financial reporting, internal review, and budgeting process. Rev. Claire also manages CSE's Community Ministry and the Seva Residential Program.



Roya Hosseini, Member-at-large

Roya Hosseini was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2016. She is a Meru Institute graduate and volunteers at CSE in many capacities, including serving on CSE's Board of Directors. Roya earned her law degree from Southwestern School of Law, cum laude in 1997 and is Co-Founder of the Khaled Hosseini Foundation.