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CSE's Personal Meditation Retreats offer a sense of spaciousness in a pristine natural environment to restore vitality and bring greater clarity to mind and body. The structure of our personal retreats provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in spiritual practices and directly experience the transformation that is possible as you explore the unfolding of the true Self.

Nestled in the heart of Center for Spiritual Enlightenment World Headquarters, you will find Lahiri Retreat House—named for the Kriya Yoga householder, Lahiri Mahashaya. Located adjacent to the Grace Meditation Hall and the Temple of the Eternal Way, Lahiri House is sheltered by the magnificent oak tree that graces the meditation gardens. In this quiet spot, convenient to Sunday Satsangs and meditation programs, Lahiri House provides a supportive environment for spiritual renewal, rest, contemplation, and silence. With three small bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchenette, an open living and dining room, and a private bath and shower facilities, the retreat house is self-contained.

Retreat accommodations are also available in the Grace and Compassion buildings with all the same conveniences. Personal retreats are offered year-round on a donation basis. To request a personal retreat or to stay overnight during a CSE program, please complete the appropriate application below.

Requested Donation         Private Room
with Private Bath        
Private Room
with Shared Bath       
Shared Room
with Shared Bath
Personal Retreat$200/night$170/night$120/night
Program Retreat$200/night$170/night$120/night

Partial scholarships available upon request.


Lahiri Retreat House

 "Withdrawing the mind from worldly matters, if one turns it inwards he will rediscover the hidden treasure inside."

—Lahiri Mahasaya


Kitchenette - Lahiri Retreat House

Living Room - Lahiri Retreat House


Yukteswar Bedroom - Lahiri Retreat House

Lahiri Bedroom - Lahiri Retreat House

Babaji Bedroom - Lahiri Retreat House






May the blessed nature of Lahiri House
be a shelter for seekers of Truth and lovers of God.
May it be permeated with the Holy Name
that carries the wandering mind
into the blissful abode of the soul.
May it always be a place of peace
and support souls on their path
of Self– and God-realization.
With meditation as its foundation,
may it offer a respite from the world’s demands
and grace its guests with the healing power
of divine love.   

—Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian