Radiant Path Walking Meditation

Kriya Yoga is a universal, nonsectarian philosophy and practice for spiritually conscious living that is especially relevant for our times. Along with methods for superconscious meditation and study of the nature of consciousness, guidelines for healthy and fulfilled living are offered. The restraints and observances are spiritually based ethical virtues to cultivate for wise and compassionate relationships with all of life.

CSE’s walkway for contemplation that meanders through the Meditation Garden is named the Radiant Path to bring to mind the innate radiance of our essence of being that shines forth naturally when we live in harmony with Truth. As this divine radiance shines without obstruction into the mind and body, it has a purifying effect, allowing us to more readily perceive inner guidance. It also has an attractive quality which supports our ability to thrive by bringing together divine ideas and the necessary resources for their fulfillment.

On an even deeper level, the Radiant Path refers to the central energy channel in the subtle body, the shushumna. When we meditate superconsciously, vital force flows through this subtle channel into the higher centers and contributes to inner peace, clarity, and realization. It is the subtle path of God-realization.

Walking the Radiant Path

The Radiant Path offers a contemplative walk through CSE’s meditation gardens. Ten shrines along the pathway provide points for personal reflection on the universal ethical principles from the teachings of Kriya Yoga known as the restraints and observances. Contemplating our natural inclinations toward truthful and compassionate living supports the realization of our essential, spiritual nature and the recognition of our oneness with the Infinite.

Values for Living A Spiritual Life

Because of our inherent oneness with the Infinite, we innately know what is in harmony with truthful living. When the restless activity of the mind becomes still, wisdom arises from within us. As we realize the spiritual principles of the restraints and observances and live in accordance with them, their promises of fulfilled living are revealed. Walking the Radiant Path encourages us to reflect on how we live and facilitates insight into living in the highest way. 


Suggestions for your walk:

  • Begin with a quiet moment of prayer and set the intention to be receptive to inspiration that arises as you walk the path.

  • Find your way to the Ahimsa Shrine as the starting point. Ahimsa is the first virtue and the foundation for all of the others. Or, feel free to start wherever you are so inclined, allowing your inspiration to guide you.

  • Walk slowly between the shrines, feeling the earth beneath you as you go. Consider that your steps are felt by the earth as well. Be mindful of your imprint.

  • Pause at each shrine and reflect on the spiritual principle and promise of each virtue. Notice which virtues particularly interest you and those that don’t.

  • You can offer a prayer at each shrine to cultivate that virtue and to realize it fully. Pray that all people may know the blessings of spiritually conscious living.

  • When you have finished your walk, take time to sit in the meditation garden to reflect, pray and meditate. Note any inspiration you will take with you and put into practice.

  • Give thanks for your walk. Inwardly bless all those who have walked the path before you and those who will come after.