Prayer Support

"The awareness that God is, answers all prayers."   -Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Prayer Support

The CSE Prayer Team offers support through the knowledge that all things are possible in prayer. By requesting prayer support, you invite the care and encouragement of a team of ministers and trained volunteers who acknowledge God's presence in all phases of life. Each day a Prayer Team member collects the online prayer requests. Each prayer request is private and sacred and is acted upon immediately.

To receive Prayer Circle support, simply state your request for yourself or others. Use the prayer request form below and we will send an email response to you if you request one.You may submit your Prayer Request by sending an email to

Please provide details of your request for prayer support. If you are requesting support for another person, please also provide his or her name and relevant details. If you would like to speak with a minister, please call the center offices at (408)283-0221.

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