Volunteer at CSE

At the heart of the teachings of Kriya Yoga is surrender of one's ego identification in recognition of one's soul essence. As we become more conscious of our true nature, we discern the spiritual nature of all of life. We learn to serve God through serving others. We do this with a full heart and clear intention and release attachment to the results. This means not being “pumped up” by our success or “deflated” by failure. That endless cycle of effort in order to receive confirmation of our worth is no longer needed. When we live and serve from our true nature, service can become a path of spiritual awakening.

At CSE we offer a variety of ways to engage in Seva, or selfless service, where we practice the spiritual teachings and learn to give consciously and unconditionally. Our actions are dedicated to God. We offer in-service training for being present to the task at hand while letting our hearts reside in God. Each volunteer team prayerfully and consciously supports an area of the ministry. Together, the teams create a harmonious web of service. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to learn while supporting the CSE ministry and community.

Our Community Care Manager will support you to find the right place in service to match your abilities, interests and talents. We invite you to step into a new way of participating in personal awakening through selfless service.