Community Groups

Community Group ministry at CSE offers the opportunity to experience spiritual community while studying the teachings of Kriya Yoga. The groups focus on practical ways to incorporate the teachings into one’s daily life. These groups are led by a CSE Minister and some meet twice yearly for onsite day retreats as well as quarterly book study and/or potlucks. These groups are open to all. Some of the current community groups are:

The Men’s Ministry is a group for men to study, meditate, and practice the teachings of Kriya Yoga together. Group gatherings include chanting and meditation and opportunities to learn and grow as a member of the community. All men are welcome.

The Women’s Ministry is a gathering of women who study together and stay 
connected via quarterly activities which included onsite retreats and book studies. Each gathering includes meditation, prayer, and reflection. All women are welcome.

Arts Council is a committee of artists in the CSE community who share the vision of the importance of creative expression in an awakening world. The Council sponsors and supports art shows throughout the year in the community room. Art from different genres and materials are included that share the divine light with a universal perspective.