YSE Suggestions

Suggestions for working with children: 

Children are natural learners and scientists. They eagerly anticipate new experiences, and thrive when asked for their own interpretations. Here, we share ways to engage your child’s curiosity, while allowing them to reflect on their own experience and discover the truth deep within.  

The materials are provided in short teaching & spiritual practice videos (hatha yoga, breathing, and meditation), experiments and explorative questions to facilitate family discussions, stories to enjoy, and activities and projects to create. Each lesson can be done all in one morning, or a little bit each day over the course of the week.

Some children will only want to engage with the art projects or activities. Others may be fascinated by the invitation to be scientists of their own lives and eager to try the experiments. Still others may enjoy conversations with you around the discussion questions. Yet others may only want to hear the story. We all learn in different ways. Lead with that part of the lesson that appeals to your child, knowing there are many ways to absorb the teachings.  

Formal Sunday School or Informal?
Some families may wish to devote a special time for Sunday School. For others, discussions and experiments come up naturally at “teachable moments”. If you and your child want to make a more formal time for exploring these materials, you may wish to create your own opening ritual or circle, and close with our closing prayer and song, as we generally do on Sunday morning.

We hope that these suggestions support you and your children to engage with spiritual practice and contemplation, enriching all of our lives.