YSE Online Program

Welcome to CSE’s Youth Spiritual Education Online program!

We are so happy to welcome you to our online Youth Spiritual Education (YSE) program. This program is designed to support you and your family in experiencing the Divine essence of who you are, sharing that essence within your family, and expressing that out into the world. This is a new experiment of increasing Social Connection even as we maintain our physical distance, knowing the truth - we are always connected to each other and to the Source of all Life. 

We invite families to use these resources as a time of experimentation, just like the ancient yogis, who were scientists of the body, mind and spirit. We try the experiments in our own life, ask the important questions, and find the truth that is within each of us. Our answers may not be the same as the person next to us. It is important to listen and accept each other, just the way we are. We can use our imagination to help us find the answers. Sometimes the answers won’t come to us right away, and we can leave questions open, knowing that our inner wisdom will continue working on the question without the active use of the mind. 

The best way to share the materials with your children is to first explore the materials for yourself. Read through them. Contemplate the questions in your own life. Allow you inner wisdom to guide you through the teachings. Leave questions open. Be inquisitive. As you learn, and absorb, and allow the material to sink into your cells, you will naturally begin to share them with your children.

If, while exploring these materials, you have questions, or would like to share your experiences with us, please feel free to contact me. 

May this time of spiritual exploration be a support to you and your family. 

With great love and respect, 
Rev. Elena Kanti Fritchle 
Youth Spiritual Education Manager


Read more suggestions for working with children HERE. 

Weekly Lesson Plans, Videos, and Activities


LESSON 1: The Koshas

LESSON 2: Caring for the Body  

LESSON 16: Ahimsa Towards the Earth (Coming Soon!)

LESSON 17: Ahimsa Conclusion