YSE Online Program

CSE’s Youth Spiritual Education Online Program

Welcome to our online Youth Spiritual Education (YSE) program. We are here to support you and your family in experiencing the divine essence of who you are, increase your ability to share that essence within your family, and express it into the world. 

We invite families to use these resources as a time of experimentation, just like the ancient yogis, who were scientists of the body, mind and spirit. We try the experiments in our own life, ask the important questions, and find the truth that is within each of us. Our answers may not be the same as the person next to us. It is important to listen and accept each other, just the way we are.

If, while exploring these materials, you have questions, or would like to share your experiences, please contact me. May this time of spiritual exploration be a support to you and your family. 

With great love and respect, 
Rev. Elena Kanti Fritchle 
Youth Spiritual Education Manager

This program is offered freely. Please consider donating to support CSE's Youth Spiritual Education. 


Current Weekly Lessons, Videos, and Activities

Lesson 2: Affirmations

Lesson 8: Meditation Habit and Conclusion

Previous Units 

Gratitude leads to our highest happiness. It is part of Contentment practice, one of the 10 ethical principles given in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. When we practice one of these principles, we are guaranteed a specific outcome. Gratitude and Contentment bring unshakeable happiness. In this unit, families participate in fun and engaging activities to create a habit of gratefulness in our homes, receiving the gift of unshakeable happiness.  
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The Self is who we are at the very core of our being. It is our divine essence and pervades all aspects of our life. It is eternal and never changes. It is the source of all our inner qualities including: wisdom, courage, strength, power, kindness, love, creativity, compassion, and flexibility. The Koshas, or Coverings, give material form to the Self. They include our body, energy, mind, inner wisdom, and joy. It is through these coverings that the Self expresses into our material world. In this unit, we share ways to care for each of the coverings so we may fully experience and express our divine Self and all of its qualities.  
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Dharma is a Sanskrit word guiding us to live with higher purpose. Everyone's purpose is to wake up to who we are as spiritual beings and to share our essence with the world in specific ways. In this unit we share stories of people who have done just that and made a difference in our world, improving conditions for all beings. We also look at our own gifts, interests and talents, and ways we can share those with others. We envision a world where all people are awake and sharing their full potential to serve our world. 
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Harmlessness, Kindness, Love and Compassion. Ahimsa is the first of the yogic ethical principles. We begin by reducing the harm we do to ourselves, our family, friends, community, environment and the world. Then we shift to sharing kindness, love and compassion with all. As we practice Ahimsa, we experience living in a friendly universe.
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Throughout the year, we culturally celebrate aspects of life together, such as: Spring, Mothers, Fathers, and Freedom. In these lessons we reflect on these sacred times of remembrance and gratitude, finding ever-deeper meaning within our own hearts. Come, celebrate life with us!
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Additional Materials

Children are natural learners and scientists. They eagerly anticipate new experiences, and thrive when asked for their own interpretations. Here, we share ways to engage your child’s curiosity, while allowing them to reflect on their own experience and discover the truth deep within. 
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Hands-on learning engages children’s whole self. In these fun activities, children contemplate the deeper teachings of yoga while stimulating their creative nature! Enjoy!
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Dharma Tales 
The 2019 Youth Summer Yoga Camp focused on dharma, living a life of higher purpose and following a course of right action. At the heart of living a purposeful life we find the virtue of kindness, or harmlessness (Ahimsa). This play demonstrates the important role this virtue plays in our lives, and in our world. (watch video)

Envisioning a World Filled with Ahimsa 
The 2020 Youth Summer Yoga Camp envisioned a world filled with Ahimsa - harmlessness, kindness, love and compassion. Our campers created their own expressions of a World Filled with Ahimsa.  For a taste of camp, watch video.