The Ayurveda Studies track trains students as Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educators or Ayurvedic Health Consultants and prepares them for professional careers in Ayurveda. Students will gain knowledge, practical skills, and experience to foster complete well-being and support others to regain balance and experience vitality according to an ancient, spiritually-based path of wellness. 

This training is designed with a broad audience of students in mind. It provides foundational knowledge and practice for individuals whose interests lie in providing spiritually-based holistic-health alternatives either for themselves, their friends and families, or for their clients to make simple changes in life-style practices and habits, resulting in self-healing, longevity, and a healthy lifestyle.  



Cynthia Ambika Copple, BA, MA-Ayurveda, Master Ayurveda mentor, speaker, and author, is Director of Lotus Holistic Health Institute (since 1982) and President of Lotus Herbs. She is co-founder and past President of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and Co-Founder and past Dean of Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda. She has practiced Ayurveda for over 33 years, and Yoga and Meditation for over 40 years. She is the author of the soon-to-be released book, Know Your Blueprint: The Ayurvedic Secret to Restoring your Vitality and Becoming Unstoppable. www.lotusayurveda.com 

Suhas G. Kshirsagar, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), is a world-renowned Ayurvedic physician and educator from India, born of a traditional Vedic family. He holds an MD in Ayurvedic Medicine, with a Gold Medal, from the prestigious Pune University in India. Dr. Suhas has traveled worldwide popularizing Ayurvedic Medicine, offering courses for both medical professionals and laypersons, and has provided Ayurvedic consultations for thousands of patients. He is an internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker and a faculty member at Ayurvedic schools worldwide, as well as a researcher, herbal remedy formulator, and consultant. He often shares the stage with motivational speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Wayne Dyer. Dr. Suhas has been a featured presenter on the Dr. Oz Show, NBC and several other TV and radio shows. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Hot Belly Diet, www.hotbellydiet.com.  He is the Director of Ayurvedic Healing, an Integrative Wellness Clinic in Santa Cruz, California. www.ayurvedichealing.net  

Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar, BAMS, DY&A (Ayurveda), graduated from Pune University, India, with a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She also trained at the Indian College of Naturopathy and is a certified Yoga Instructor from the renowned Kaivalyadham University in India. Dr. Manisha has been teaching and practicing Ayurveda and Yoga for more than fifteen years. She is a faculty member at Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Maharishi University, Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda, and several other Ayurvedic institutions. She is the author of the award-winning book,”Ayurveda: A Quick Reference Handbook.” She is currently the Co-Director at Ayurvedic Healing, an Integrative Wellness Clinic in Santa Cruz, California. www.ayurvedichealing.net

Dr. Rucha Kelkar, BAMS, MPT, director of Ayurbliss, LLC-Ayurveda Wellness for Mind, Body and Spiritual Health, received her graduate degree in Ayurveda from University of Pune, India and her master’s degree in physical therapy from California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Kelkar is an accomplished clinician, educator, speaker and writer. She has been an Ayurveda practitioner for over 13 years and has an extensive clinical experience in Ayurveda and physical therapy. She is a faculty for leading Ayurveda schools. Her Ayurveda and Panchakarma clinic is located in San Mateo, CA. www.ayurbliss.com 

Indira (Ann) Bulkin, BA, MPT, met her teacher, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Dr. Mishra), in 1971 and began teaching Sanskrit in 1973. In 1993 she graduated with a B.A. in Sanskrit from UC Berkeley before going on to earn her Master’s degree in physical therapy. Indira served as the head of the Sanskrit Department at the Yoga Society of San Francisco from 1980-2010, at which time she and her husband, Shanta co-founded the East West Sanskrit Institute. She has continued her Sanskrit studies with Dr. Ram Karan Sharma since 1999. Her personal interests include Yoga-Vedanta texts, Sanskrit hymns, Panini and Sanskrit poetry. www.eastwestsanskritinstitute.com

Shanta Bulkin, co-founder of East West Sanskrit Institute, met Dr. Mishra in the summer of 1972 at Ananda Ashram in New York State and began studying Sanskrit immediately. Sanskrit became the powerful tool for his healing at a time when he was trying to find meaning in his life.  Shanta started teaching Sanskrit in the late 90s and has been continuing his studies with world-renowned Sanskrit teacher and writer, Professor Ram Karan Sharma. www.eastwestsanskritinstitute.com 

Sumathi Uma Lingappa, MS, CAP, is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner currently pursuing her Masters in Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute. She has an Ayurveda practice in San Carlos, CA. Sumathi is a practitioner-level member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association)


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