A Transformational Program

Training Teachers and Leaders in the Kriya Yoga Tradition since 1996

Today there are millions of people seeking Self- and God-Realization.
In the future many more will be seeking and there will not be enough
competent teachers to meet the need. —Paramahansa Yogananda

Are you ready for a vocation that integrates your spiritual life with
your service in the world?

Are you looking for a program that offers practical skills, personal
development, and spiritual transformation?

Meru Institute offers a modern way with ancient roots to learn and teach the life transforming tools of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Seva: Community Ministry. At the heart of our program is the philosophy and practice of Kriya Yoga which offers every student the essential foundation of Self- and God-realization to illumine their vocation with the light of the soul. Study, practice, learn, and achieve your goals in the supportive environment of Meru Institute. Meru Institute offers a three-year Master of Divinity degree program, as well as the following certification trainings: meditation teacher training, hatha yoga teacher training, vedic counseling and spiritual direction training. Meru students are also eligible to earn continuing education units for professionals.

Classes are scheduled to support working adults. Available onsite in San Jose, CA and globally online.

To increase peace in life: seek the silence of meditation, the company of those who are spiritually awake, uplifting conversation with others on the path, and work devoted to God. —Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Graduation from Meru Institute provides an excellent foundation for disciples following a path to ordination to enter into a formal internship program for training as Kriya Yoga teachers and ministers. 

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Yogacharya O'Brian

Meru Founder and President

Rev. Sundari Jensen

Meru Provost

She can be reached at (408) 283-0221 ext. 34 

Meru Institute Advisory Board

Yogacharya Ellen
Grace O'Brian

Roy Eugene Davis

Dr. David Frawley
Vamadeva Shastri

Cynthia Ambika

Dr. Suhas

Yogini Shambhavi
Chopra Devi


NV Raghuram

Gail Faris

Dr. Manisha

John Kepner

Acharya Shunya
Pratichi Mathur