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Friday 04/23/2021 Change your attitude from “willful” to “will flow,” and watch what happens. One is full of self and effort, and the other is a joyous letting go. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 04/24/2021 Meditation begins when the effort required to concentrate gives way to a steady, grace-filled flow of attention. Approaching meditation requires some initial energy expenditure like an airplane on the runway that builds speed to the point of lift-off. Meditation is above the clouds of thought. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 04/25/2021 Work in consciousness by setting clear intentions before springing into action. Establish your goal in mind and open yourself to possibility. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 04/26/2021 The sure indication of spiritual progress is the positive transformation of character. Visions, ecstasies, and philosophical insights that do not make us more compassionate, peaceful, and trustworthy people are just fireworks. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 04/27/2021 Keep the goal of God-realization ever in the background of your mind. Let it provide a litmus test for all you seek to do. Will your choice support your goal of spiritual awakening? Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 04/28/2021 All obstacles are temporary. See through them. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 04/29/2021 Seek Self-knowledge over self-improvement. With Self-knowledge, self-improvement comes naturally—not without discipline or effort, but with the support of divine grace. Ellen Grace O'Brian