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Sunday Satsang Series with Yogacharya O'Brian Location: Online & Onsite

How Are You Living Your Eternal Life? Now is the Time to Live with Higher Purpose
September 11, October 16, November 6, December 4, 2022
10 AM - 11 AM (PT)

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"Open your heart and your mind to the Infinite." –Roy Eugene Davis

We can draw our strength, wisdom, direction, and perspective from the soul (our essential Self) even while we attend to multiple demands of the day. Learn to float with the grace and ease of timeless omnipresence in the time-bound ocean of change.

This series is offered both onsite and online. Spacious seating is provided onsite. Registration is not required. Please wear a mask both indoors and outdoors.

September 11: Be Like a Lamp at the Door
By seeing ourselves and the context of our life clearly, we can live skillfully with equanimity, discernment, and faith.

October 16: Set Yourself Free with the Power of Gratefulness 
CSE 40th Anniversary Program
From Sri Chinmoy, "Your heart must become a sea of love. Your mind must become a river of detachment." Nothing compares to the power of love to transform our lives. Clarity about our divine purpose connects us to that power and sets us on the path of ultimate freedom.

November 6: What’s Karma Got to Do with It?
A practical look at the mystery of karma and a few strategies for overcoming obstacles on our path that we can begin right away.

December 4: The Boat That Carries Us Across the River of Delusion
The teachings, the teacher, and the spiritual community are all a refuge from being lost in a world of dissatisfaction. Paramahansa Yogananda’s teacher, Sri Yukteswar would often say, “The boat that varies souls across the river of delusion is ready to depart. Who will go? Who will go? If no one goes, I will go!” Such unwavering determination is the way.