Event Information
SUNDAY SATSANG - Meditation & Inspiration Location: Temple of the Eternal Way

Morning Program: Meditation and Inspiration
10:00 AM

Start your day with meditation and inspiration.
Prepare to meet the week ahead with wisdom and compassion.
Get ready to live your divine life now.

Spend all, or part of, your Sunday with Yogacharya who will teach the supreme science of Brahmavidya—the universal way of awakening to Self- and God-realization—the most essential, and relevant, teaching for spiritually conscious living today.

Everyone is welcome. Donations accepted.

 February 4 Be Intentional
Live intentionally with higher purpose. When you do, you will discover an invincible, grace-bestowing Power within you that will draw to you whatever is needed for fulfillment of your divine purpose.  Music with David and Prabha.
Listen to the audio and read the article at https://ellengraceobrian.com/kriya-yoga-teachings-be-intentional/ 
 March 4 Stay Open
A purposeful life is like a great steamship coursing through the waters of the world. Although it’s path is straightforward, the journey is marked time and again by course correction. Every new encounter can expand our awareness—if we are willing to learn. Staying open is being willing to learn. Music with One Voice choir.
Listen to the audio and read the article at https://ellengraceobrian.com/kriya-yoga-path-stay-open/
 April 8 Decide to Be Happy
Nothing need change for us to know and affirm the soul’s natural joy. We don’t have to ignore suffering. Instead, we can bring our awakened, compassionate heart to those around us once we decide to be happy.
Listen to the audio and read the article at https://ellengraceobrian.com/happiness-kriya-yoga/ 
 May 13 Make Love Your Aim
To contemplate the divine omnipresent Reality as Love is to consider it as our primary inheritance. We are That Divine Love which is all in all, the unifying power and presence, the life of our life, the heartbeat and breath of every living thing.
 June 10 Be Steadfast
Unwavering dedication to the goal of a Self- and God-realized life is a decision to live in the soul, to anchor our awareness in the true Self. Steadfastness on the path is refusing to put off the soul life. It is returning, again and again, to the truth of our being.

10:00 AM
Morning Program: Meditation and Inspiration
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12:00 PM
Afternoon Program: Lunch, Spiritual Teachings & Practice, Q&A (Registration required)