Event Information
SUNDAY SATSANG - Meditation & Inspiration Location: CSE Temple of the Eternal Way

"Take Up Love’s Discipline"
Start your day with meditation and inspiration.
Prepare to meet the week ahead with wisdom and compassion.
Get ready to live your divine life now.

There is a light in the heart that will direct our life in the highest way when we take up Love’s discipline. It reveals divine reality and turns our attention to what matters most. It shows us the way of healing, forgiveness, and the fullness of joy.

“For the mystics of the path of radical love, love (Eshq) is not a sentiment or an emotion. It is the very overflowing of God onto this realm. It is this radical love that erupts out of God, bringing us into being. It is this love that sustains us, and it will be this cosmic current that will carry us back home.” – Omid Safi

Spend all, or part of, your Sunday with Yogacharya who will teach the supreme science of Brahmavidya—the universal way of awakening to Self- and God-realization—the
most essential, and relevant, teaching for spiritually conscious living today.

Everyone is welcome. Morning programs are free will donation. Afternoon program is $20.

10:00 AM
Morning Program: Meditation and Inspiration

12:00 PM
Afternoon Program: Lunch, Spiritual Teachings & Practice, Q&A (Registration required - click on the date below to register)

  • February 3 - "Take Up Love’s Discipline: Part One"
  • March 3 - "Take Up Love’s Discipline: Part Two"
  • April 7 - "Take Up Love’s Discipline: Part Three"
  • May 5 - "Take Up Love’s Discipline: Part Four"
  • June 2  - "Take Up Love’s Discipline: Part Five"