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ONSITE Men's Retreat Day Location: Onsite at CSE

Knowledge and Works
with Acharya Devin Atma Sodt

Saturday, August 12, 2023
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (PT)

Limited to 20 participants. Pre-registration required. Fee: $60 (includes lunch)
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“As space pervades a jar both inside and out, similarly within and beyond this ever-changing universe, there exists one Universal Spirit.”   —Shiva Samhita
Engage in action imbued with knowledge. How do we remember that to know the Truth will set us free, when embodied? Stop trying to be or change any aspect of your Self. Let awareness of your radiant essence permeate your breath, your feet, your hands. Offer this one day, not attaining or losing anything, simply living in your original freedom.

This Men’s Retreat is a time to rest in soul knowing and remember how that informs all activity. This will be an opportunity to cultivate this most important relationship between our inner essence and our outer form. This retreat day will include instruction, practice, reflection, and connection.

Acharya Devin Atma Sodt met his guru, Yogacharya O’Brian, in 2002. He is a Senior Kriya Yoga Teacher and has offered meditation classes and retreats for over 15 years. Rev. Atma has been teaching hatha yoga since 2007 and completed his 500-hour hatha yoga teacher training in 2010.

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