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ONLINE Satsang Series with Yogacharya Location: Online

Sundays, May 30 - June 20, 2021
10 AM - 11 AM (PT)

"The form of that One is not to be seen. No one sees it with the eyes. Only one who has opened the heart, the thoughts, and the mind [may see it]." —Mahanarayana Upanishad 1.11

As human beings, the ability we have to use our imagination to see and know beyond what the senses can perceive is our doorway to the Infinite. Not only can we experience the vastness beyond time and space through this portal, but we can (and must) make use of it to cultivate heaven on earth.

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May 30: Let Your Mind Sink into Your Heart
There is a natural harmony to the universe that brings forth healing and the fulfillment of divine potential. To cooperate with that principle of harmony, we must open our mind beyond what has been and make space for possibility.

June 6: Necessary Imagination: See It, Be It
Discover three steps for embracing the highest good for your life and our world. What does it take for us to live a divine life and contribute to a just and merciful world?

June 13: What Makes the Heart Sing
Learning to attend, to listen deeply, to what stirs the heart with divine remembrance infuses our days with hope and profound well-being. Pay attention to the lighted path.

June 20: Words To Heal and Bless
The power of our creative imagination rests on the divine cosmic Word. It takes form through our speech. Like a chariot that rides from the heavens and traverses the earth, our truthful words light up life and bring healing to a broken world.