Event Information
ONLINE Kriya Yoga Liberation Meditation Retreat Location: ONLINE via Zoom

Kriya Yoga Liberation Meditation Retreat
with Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday Evening - Sunday Morning, July 2-5, 2020

Registration Fee: $20

This retreat is for those who are prepared to take a committed step on their spiritual path. Pre-registration and attendance at all sessions is required. Those in different time zones can watch video recordings as needed.

"Be unwavering in your resolve on the spiritual path. Don’t go only half-way or three quarters of the way; go all the way [to God-realization and liberation of consciousness]. Let your devotion to God be like a wood fire that burns long and steady; not like a straw fire that burns brightly, then quickly goes out."

–Paramahansa Yogananda

Join Yogacharya O'Brian for this opportunity to be immersed in spiritual practices that illumine the mind, balance the body, support well-being and offer the life-enhancing keys to Self- and God-realization. The retreat includes:

      -  Kriya Yoga philosophy, practice, & initiation
      -  Daily meditation sessions
      -  Easy to follow gentle Hatha Yoga sessions     

    Registration required.
    Click date icon below to register (or if using a phone, scroll right and down).
    You will receive a Zoom access link in your email after you register.

    Offered on donation basis.
    You can offer a donation during the registration process, or via PayPal. You will also have an opportunity to contribute throughout the retreat.


    Thursday (7/2/20)

      4:00 PM   How to Have a Retreat from Home        
      7:00 PM   Opening Session           

      Friday (7/3/20)           

          6:30 AM   Morning Meditation
        10:00 AM   Morning Session
          1:00 PM   Midday Session
          3:00 PM   Afternoon Session

          4:30 PM   Gentle Hatha Yoga (optional)
          7:00 PM   Evening Session

        Saturday (7/4/20)

          6:30 AM   Morning Meditation
          8:30 AM   Special Session for First Time Initiates of Yogacharya
        10:00 AM   Morning Session
          1:00 PM   Special Afternoon Session
          4:00 PM   Hatha Yoga & Meditation (optional)
          7:00 PM   Evening Session

        Sunday (7/5/20)

            6:30 AM   Morning Meditation 
          10:00 AM   Guru Purnima Celebration

          Times listed are US Pacific Time. Retreat is available worldwide, in your time zone. Check the internet to determine the time difference in your state or country. For example, morning sessions will take place live 10am US Pacific, 1pm US Eastern, 6pm Central European Time.


          This program includes one or more Meditation and Hatha Yoga sessions. By registering and participating in this program, you agree to the Participant Waiver of Liability.