Event Information
ONLINE AND IN-PERSON Kriya Yoga New Year Meditation Retreat with Yogacharya Location: Online & In-Person

Begin Your 2024 Soul Pilgrimage!
with Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian  

January 4 - 7, 2024
(Thursday Evening - Sunday Afternoon)

This retreat is for those who are prepared to take a committed step on their spiritual path. Attendance at all sessions is required to participate. 

Registration Fee: $65 IN-PERSON + ONLINE  /  $40 ONLINE ONLY
To register, click date icon below (scroll right then down if on a mobile device).

"Undertake the pilgrimage rooted in dharma. To pursue knowledge and to live a self-disciplined life is a great pilgrimage. In the pilgrimage of the mind, bathe in the water of truth that hold the heart with faith in what endures. " –Mahabharata

The New Year stretches out before us as a dharmic field of divine possibility. Enter that field purposefully with your innate soul powers of intention, clear discernment, and surrendered devotion.

Join Yogacharya O'Brian for this opportunity to be immersed in spiritual practices that illumine the mind, balance the body, support well-being and offer the life-enhancing keys to Self- and God-realization. The retreat includes:

      -  Kriya Yoga philosophy, practice, & initiation
      -  A sankalpa (intention) mantra ritual to begin the New Year
      -  Instruction in mantra, pranayama, and superconscious meditation
      -  Tools to set your goals in accordance with your life purpose and stage of life
      -  Methods for insight and experience of higher realities
      -  Daily meditation sessions
      -  Easy to follow gentle Hatha Yoga sessions


    This retreat will be livestreamed online for all participants. We are also offering a hybrid option to attend a portion of the retreat in-person, which includes the opening session, morning sessions, lunch, and afternoon sessions. All meditation sessions, hatha yoga, and Friday/Saturday evening sessions will be online only for all participants.

    Overnight Lodging: Apply to stay at CSE overnight and attend all sessions in person. Limited space available. Click here to see lodging options.

    Note: Retreat registration is required prior to applying for overnight lodging.

    Your registration fees cover basic administrative costs. Please consider offering a donation to support the CSE ministry and to continue offering programs like this one. You can offer a donation during the registration process. You will also have an opportunity to contribute throughout the retreat.

    U.S. Pacific Time. Schedule subject to change. Attendance at all sessions required to participate. Recordings will be available to support participants in different time zones.   

      6:30 PM   Opening Session

      6:30 AM   Meditation                                
    10:00 AM   Morning Session
      1:00 PM   Afternoon Session
      4:00 PM   Meditation & Hatha Yoga               
      6:30 PM   Evening Session

      6:30 AM   Meditation
    10:00 AM   Morning Session
      1:00 PM   Afternoon Session
      4:00 PM   Meditation & Hatha Yoga
      6:30 PM   Evening Session

      6:30 AM   Meditation
    10:00 AM   Sunday Satsang
      1:00 PM   Ritual to Begin the New Year


    This program includes one or more Meditation and Hatha Yoga sessions. By registering and participating in this program, you agree to the Participant Waiver of Liability.

    Available dates and times:
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