Event Information
IN-PERSON The Path Within Meditation Retreat Day Location: In-person at CSE

The Path Within
Meditation for Personal Benefits & Spiritual Growth
with Acharya Devin Atma Sodt

Saturday, September 30, 2023
10 AM - 4 PM

Limited to 20 participants. Pre-registration required. Fee: $60 (includes lunch)

Have you tried meditation and it didn’t go well for you? Or are you an experienced meditator looking for more out of your practice?

Join Acharya Devin Atma Sodt to explore time-tested techniques for physical relaxation, mental clarity through concentration, wholesome living, and effective spiritual growth. Procedures to elicit relaxation and the cultivation of an inner and outer environment conducive to a calm and clear mind will be offered. Through these practices, there is the opportunity to reduce stress, increase awareness, and relate to ourselves and our circumstances with more clarity and ease.

Come and experience the supportive influence of meditation practice.

Acharya Devin Atma Sodt met his guru, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, in 2001. He was ordained to teach in the tradition of Kriya Yoga by Yogacharya O’Brian in 2010. He has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth practices since 2005 for groups and individuals.