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Friday 04/29/2022 Divine love is inexhaustible. Its source is Ananda —bliss, or complete satisfaction. Its nature is stillness because it is full. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 04/30/2022 Let go of striving; lean into ever-present divine support. Let the worrying mind sink into the heart of divine love, which is the remembrance of divine presence. That is the gist of surrender. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 05/01/2022 In the silence of our soul, the divine Beloved knows even those dreams we leave unspoken. That eternal power will light the way to their manifestation. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 05/02/2022 With mature spirituality, the need for outer approval gives way to searching diligently within—finding and claiming the inner authority of the true Self. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 05/03/2022 Don’t look for external conditions to change to declare yourself prosperous, happy, and successful. Why wait when you can accept your spiritual inheritance now? Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 05/04/2022 There is a perfect and complete idea of fulfillment for your life; it can be no other way, as God is the source and substance of all that is. Remember: God is your life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 05/05/2022 If we don’t separate our spiritual self-inquiry from our daily life, we discover every situation can be a book of life we can study and learn from. Ellen Grace O'Brian