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Friday 05/13/2022 When the mind rests in divine consciousness, we are free from worry and despair. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 05/14/2022 Be an alchemist and transform all thoughts into thoughts of God, the One Reality. The debris of mundane ruminations that dull the mind will shine forth as the golden joy of divine realization. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 05/15/2022 The ability to transform our lives and relationships is as simple as how we perceive them. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 05/16/2022 The key to right relationship with everyone is respect based on oneness—the conscious realization that there is only one Reality. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 05/17/2022 Our relationships provide a precious opportunity for spiritual awakening. See the Divine in all people and all situations. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 05/18/2022 Practice inquiry into truth. So many thoughts arise, but few are grounded in reality. Learn to see thoughts as ephemeral clouds passing in the sky. Joy will permeate your life. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 05/19/2022 Experiences that seemed real to us while dreaming are recognized as ephemeral when we awaken. Use that insight to examine experiences in your waking life. They also will pass. Notice what remains. Ellen Grace O'Brian