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Friday 05/06/2022 A sincerely curious mind invites revelation. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 05/07/2022 Are you wondering what to do? The universe is divinely ordered. It allows us to fulfill our purpose with the opportunities now at hand. Take one step in the direction of your dreams. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 05/08/2022 To discern the divine pattern ready to unfold in your life, look with the eyes of the heart as well as with the mind, with intuition as well as logic. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Monday 05/09/2022 To decide on a course of action, take time to become established in the awareness of the presence of God. Let divine peace fill your mind. Then inwardly inquire: what is in harmony with the highest good? Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 05/10/2022 Practice radical humility by being open to greatness. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 05/11/2022 An ache in the heart or a soul prompting calls us to awaken to the truth of what we are. Have courage. Be receptive to living in the highest way. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 05/12/2022 See beyond the chaos of challenges by affirming that a higher harmony is unfolding. Bring that inner harmony into expression—first through faith in the transformative power of Spirit, then through conscious cooperation to do the next right thing you know to do. Through it all, trust that all is well. Ellen Grace O'Brian