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Monday 12/31/2018 Surrender is a commitment we make to no longer dampen down our soul fire. It’s our commitment to thrive. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Tuesday 01/01/2019 Unleash divine support by becoming fully receptive to it. Divine support is always there. Today, practice noticing it. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Wednesday 01/02/2019 The body, mind, personality, roles that we assume, and things that we do—all these change over time and ultimately fade away. Our essential nature remains unchanged. Take refuge in That. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Thursday 01/03/2019 To improve relationships, see the best in others. Wish for them the highest good, see them prospering in all ways, and celebrate their successes. Don’t focus on shortcomings or mistakes or try to establish blame. Instead, inwardly affirm the spiritual truth of their being. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Friday 01/04/2019 Imagine living freely without restriction, forever conscious of your essential nature, and abundantly contributing to the well-being of all. Feel it to be true now. Cultivate that joyful experience as your consciousness expands and your life begins to more fully express your divine nature. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Saturday 01/05/2019 Today is the day to begin again. Let go of any negative thoughts or beliefs about your ability to succeed. Such thoughts are about the past. The past is gone and today is your day to make new choices. Ellen Grace O'Brian
Sunday 01/06/2019 Spiritual awareness gives us the great gift of the pause—a conscious moment where we can observe what is arising, inquire into it, and then choose an appropriate response. This is freedom. Ellen Grace O'Brian