Sacred Ceremonies


Our weddings are a sacred joining of two individuals in a partnership of peace, contentment and love. Officiated by an ordained minister, we offer a ceremony that embodies the spiritual essence of all faiths and provides a conscious, loving foundation for the couple's life together. We often serve couples from different faith traditions or none. The ceremony is a container that lovingly supports those differences.

The Center offers an oasis of peace for your sacred event and a beautiful location for your ceremony that you will treasure for years to come. The temple is located within the meditation gardens and has a tree growing inside it, as well as full length windows that overlook the fountain and gardens. The ceremony includes traditional wedding rituals such as exchanging of the vows and the rings and the candle ceremony. It is also unique in many ways. Weddings at the Center include an on-site coordinator, a sound specialist, and a facilitated rehearsal. Our ministers are also available for weddings at other locations.

For those times when friends and family live far away and cannot make it to the ceremony, we also offer live video streaming of the ceremony when it is held on-site.

Most couples find with the growth of their understanding of the true nature of love, the wall of separation between these two awakened souls dissolves, and their love becomes the love of God. In that love they know true union. 

-Paramahansa Yogananda.

Blessing Ceremonies

Life ceremonies are a precious opportunity for a family or couple to share their joy with their spiritual community. CSE offers baby, wedding, and anniversary blessings for community members during scheduled worship services.

For those who consider CSE their spiritual home, blessings for a birth or adoption, wedding, or anniversary are integrated into one of our worship services. This setting provides an opportunity for the family to rejoice and share the blessed event with family, friends, and spiritual community. In addition, we offer private blessings at your home or in our temple for a fee.

There is also an annual blessing open to all children of all ages during worship services every December.

Memorial Services

When someone we know and love makes their transition from this earth realm we mourn that loss but we also want to celebrate their life and the difference they made. Our memorial service provides the opportunity to look back in reflection and celebrate a life, as well as support the next step in the healing process. Our ordained ministers bring a balance of compassion and understanding to the family and the guests. The memorial service is a compassionate letting go and saying good-bye to loved ones who have made their transition while offering the clarity and comfort of a spiritual perspective of life. People often comment that the process of planning the memorial at CSE is loving, compassionate and supportive of their healing process. Our ministers also officiate at offsite locations.

For more information about Weddings, Blessings, or Memorials, please contact:
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While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal: but the things which are not seen are eternal.

-II Corinthians 4:8

Blessing Ceremonies