Counseling & Direction

Vedic Counseling & Spiritual Direction

Vedic Counseling
Vedic counseling is an opportunity to explore life and its challenges with a spiritual perspective while fostering discernment and a deeper connection to God. There are times in our life when we need support—someone with similar spiritual values who can listen and help us connect to our inner wisdom. Our ministers listen deeply, in a spiritually supportive way to your cares, concerns, and joys. Together we become aware of the guidance of Spirit that is always available to us when we take the time to really listen. Vedic counseling is not psychological or therapeutic counseling. It is a spiritually based approach that draws upon the practical methods of healthy, fulfilled living found in the Kriya Yoga tradition.

Spiritual Direction
Our ministers also offer spiritual direction, a longer-term support for living spiritual values in everyday life. Spiritual direction offers one-on-one support to deepen our connection with the Divine through study and contemplation, prayer and meditation, cultivating spiritual virtues, and surrendered service.

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