Hatha Yoga Instructors

Divya Zuccaro was certified in the Integral Yoga tradition in 1997, and has been teaching consistently and joyfully since. Divya offers multi-level, gentle classes for all bodies of all ages, prenatal yoga, and meditation courses. She specializes in relaxation techniques, which are always incorporated into her instruction. She also offers private or small group relaxation sessions and is a member of the Natural Therapies Association of North America. With actively loving service as the focus of her practice, Divya warmly invites you to peace.

Thea Sawyer has studied yoga, alignment and the bio-mechanics of posture in California and France. She completed the YES California Yoga Teacher training program (2002), is certified by the Palo Alto Balance Center (1992) and The Institut Superieur d’Aplomb in Paris, France (1997). She has studied therapeutic yoga in India at the Mandiram of TKV Desikachar. She is the author of the book “Put Your Back at Ease”.

Daniel Sanjay Duarte Daniel Sanjay Duarte is a RYT-200 hatha yoga teacher and a CSE certified meditation instructor. He completed yoga teacher training through Yoga Bharati Training at CSE and also through the Breathe for Change Yoga Training in San Francisco. Daniel has been study- ing closely with Yogacharya O’Brian since 2014, and he graduated from Meru Institute with an MDiv in Yoga Studies in 2018. In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, Daniel currently serves as a leader for CSE’s Young Adult Group: Generation Yoga, as well as the Youth Spiritual Education (YSE) Teen Group, and CSE’s Seva Residential Training Program. 

Suzette K. Pangrle, PhD completed her Yoga Teacher Training at CSE in 2008 and is a RYT-200 yoga instructor. She is currently a Meru Institute student with an emphasis in Yoga Studies. After working in Silicon Valley over the past 20 years, Suzette understands the need to consciously bring balance to life, and is passionate about sharing yoga with others, as a support for a having healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Rev. Sundari Jensen has studied yoga since the 1990’s. She met her spiritual teacher, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, in March of 1992 and has whole-heartedly studied with her since. Sundari is a Senior Kriya Yoga Teacher, a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, Vedic Counselor, and IAYT certified Yoga Therapist. Her yoga classes focus on preparing the body and mind to experience the radiance of the soul from the inside out.   

Rev. Devin Atma Sodt was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2003 and ordained in 2009. He is an Associate Minister. Devin is a Meru Institute faculty member and a certified Vedic Counselor. He has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth practices as well as hatha yoga since 2007, having completed a 500 hour hatha yoga teacher training program.  

Chris Lanier is a Kriya Yoga initiate at CSE, where he is completing his 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Kathy Devi McFadden was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Yogacharya O’Brian in 2008. She received both her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate and Meditation Teacher Training certificate in 2011 and earned her M.Div. at CSE’s Meru Seminary the following year. Devi’s intention is to support practitioners of all levels, in nourishing body, mind, and soul through yoga and meditation.

Claire Hayes was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2009. She is currently completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification program and is a Meru Institute & YTT Graduate. Claire also teaches meditation and leads Yoga for Meditation 

Savitha Nanjangud has been a Yoga teacher and active volunteer with Yoga Bharati since 2009. She is currently a faculty member for Yoga Bharati's Yoga Instructors Course (YIC) with emphasis on mentoring the youth who go through the program.  She enjoys teaching yoga to adults and children alike. To further her passion to bring the healing qualities of yoga into people's lives she is also currently working towards her Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT).

Lisa Lauren Noon has been enjoying the practice of yoga for the past ten years. She completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program at the Center of Spiritual Enlightenment in 2016. Currently she is collaborating with Stanford University and Sonima Foundation to implement a yoga and mindfulness program in the East Palo Alto K-8 school system as well as completing her masters in Counseling Psychology. She is passionate about the use of yoga to support mental well -being and contributing to deeper happiness of society. Her dream is to be an international educator, psychotherapist and mediator who integrates the tools of yoga to support people's mental and physical health..  

Carol Parvati Knight has been teaching since 1974. She has been practicing and studying yoga since 1991 and sharing the  teachings of hatha yoga since 1999.  She has been studying and practicing Kriya Yoga at CSE since 2003.

Jyoti Saboo has been a Yoga teacher with Yoga Bharati since 2011, and has completed her RYT-200. She has been practicing Yoga on a personal level for many years, since 1985, and has undergone several Yoga courses in India, in Bangalore and in Mumbai. She has been a Physical Therapist for the past 31 years, and has run a busy Outpatient Private Physical Therapy practice in San Jose since 2005. She has been applying Yoga Principles in her Physical Therapy practice for many years, using the physical techniques of Yoga (asanas and pranayamas) as well as meditative and relaxation aspects where applicable on her patients with wonderful results.

Paulette Boudreaux has been a yoga practitioner since 1997. She studied Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga. In 2009 she received her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Educational Seminars with Joyce Anue. In Spring 2013, She completed the level-one Meditation Teacher Training through Meru Seminary at CSE.

Pat Kirti Hall has been a yoga practitioner since 2000. She was a student of Iyengar Yoga and has recently completed the CSE Yoga Teacher training. Kirti has been a meditation instructor since 2002 and has taught CSE’s Meditation Teacher Training certification course since 2009. Her classes support practitioners of all levels and provides an opportunity to experience a peaceful mind and energized body.   

Brian Rajendra McIntyre was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 2007. He is currently studying in Meru Institute and completing his 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. He teaches meditation and leads Yoga for Meditation classes. He serves on the CSE staff as the Ashram Facilities Manager and as an independent professional handyman.

Kim Sri Bick-Maurischat, M.Div., was initiated into Kriya Yoga in 1988 and is a graduate of Meru Institute. She teaches meditation, leads Yoga for Meditation, and serves as the Volunteer Manager of CSE’s Meditation Gardens. She is a Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher and is also a certified hatha yoga instructor.   

Debby Edwards was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Roy Eugene Davis in 2010. She received her hatha yoga teaching certification, having completed the Yoga Educational Seminars (YES) teacher training program with Joyce Anue over a decade ago and has been teaching yoga at CSE and in the local community since then.  

Mary Nipper is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga with her students. Her classes focus on bringing awareness to the connection between the body, thoughts, breath, heart and spirit. Her classes explore the eight limbs of yoga as a path to transformation and understanding the nature of human consciousness. She provides individual modifications to make the Hatha Yoga practice accessible to students of all levels. She has completed three 200-hour yoga teaching programs including Yoga Educational Seminars (YES), Integrative Yoga Therapy and Erich Schiffman’s teacher training. Mary has taught Hatha Yoga at CSE for over 15 years.  

Michele Gita Daish is a Graduate of Meru Institute and has completed RYT-200 hr (Registered Yoga Teacher) training through Yoga Alliance. Her style is gentle, flow, vinyasa, restorative, spiritually centered. Gita teaches meditation and leads Yoga for Meditation classes.