Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training is a lay leadership certification program providing the opportunity for those with a regular meditation practice to prepare to lead and/or teach meditation.

If you feel that you are called to share the profoundly life-changing experience of superconscious meditation with others, this course is for you. 

You will receive instruction and printed materials to help you to structure your own class, as well as ample opportunity to practice leading and teaching meditation in a supportive environment.

Meditation Teacher Training is designed to:

  • Support you in deepening your own meditation practice
  • Provide you with the teaching tools to begin to lead your own meditation group or teach meditation
  • Provide a safe and supportive container in which you can practice your newly-developed skills in teaching and leading meditation
  • Connect you with like-minded individuals who are interested in teaching and leading meditation

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"Though you may be able to perform great worldly feats, you will never know the joy equal to that which comes through meditation."

-Paramahansa Yogananda