Event Information
Volunteer Fair at CSE

Sunday, April 28, 2019

As one progresses on the spiritual path, becoming ever more awake in God, there is a natural tendency to shift from striving to fulfill personal desires to desiring to be of service. As we awaken and sense that our life is imbued with divine purpose, we experience an urge to participate consciously in the divine plan and to do what Spirit intends. We yearn to know this divine purpose and to act in harmony with it.

—Living the Eternal Way Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Join us after service to learn about the wide variety of service opportunities inviting a broad choice of possible time commitments that are available at the Center. Come see all the different ways you can volunteer your time in your community. There is something for everyone! From sharing social media posts to preparing Sunday hospitality, or volunteering on the garden team, or serving in the welcome center & bookshop. Team leaders will be there to answer your questions.