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Retreat with Swami Bodhananda & Yogacharya O'Brian Location: CSE Temple

Retreat with Swami Bodhananda & Yogacharya O’Brian

When the vision of the Self is obtained by enquiring as to what one’s real nature is, there occurs a Consciousness-Bliss that is unborn, unending, and all-pervading.
–Ramana Maharshi, Upadesa Saram

November 21-23, 2019
(Thursday, 7-9pm; Friday, 7-9pm, Saturday, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm)

Pre-registration is now closed. You may still register onsite.

You are warmly invited to join Swami Bodhananda, world-renowned teacher of Vedanta and meditation, and Yogacharya O’Brian for a spiritually nurturing and inspiring meditation retreat.

Retreat will include inspiration, instruction, contemplation, and meditation practices based on an exploration of the Upadesa Saram, an original work by Ramana Maharshi—30 simple and melodious verses on enlightenment.


  • Insight into the direct path of Self-realization
  • How to abide in your blissful, divine Self 
  • What the pathless path is
  • A radical new way to approach spiritual practice

Vegetarian lunch provided on Saturday.

Reg Fee: $25 to covers event expenses
Donation will be received for the retreat program