Event Information
ONSITE Ayurveda Self-Care Retreat Day Location: Onsite at CSE

Ayurveda for Balance and Rejuvenation!
with Rev. Dr. Laurel Prema Trujillo

Saturday, March 18, 2023
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (PT)

Limited to 20 participants. Pre-registration required. Fee: $60 (includes lunch)
To register, click date icon below (or scroll right and down if on a mobile device).     
Masks required indoors.

“Avoid thinking that your mental states, emotional states, physical condition, personal relationships, or routine circumstances are solely the result of causes over which you have no control.”
—Roy Eugene Davis, An Easy Guide to Ayurveda: The Natural Way to Wholeness

How can we live in a way that balances our unique constitution, in tune with the rhythms of the day and the season?  Explore Ayurveda, an ancient healing science that provides common sense advice about how to promote healing and resilience through lifestyle changes. In this one day retreat we will:

• Explore the five elements and their expression in our dosha, our own unique constitution.
• Become familiar with early signs of imbalance in our health.
• Learn about daily and seasonal changes and how to stay balanced as nature changes its expression

The day will include time for meditation, reflection, journaling, and gentle yoga asana practice.

Rev. Dr. Laurel Prema Trujillo began studying Kriya Yoga and meditation with Yogacharya O’Brian in 2002. She was ordained to teach in the Kriya Yoga tradition in 2014. Dr. Trujillo is host and producer of The Yoga Hour Podcast and is a retired general internal medicine physician.