Event Information
IN THE SILENCE OF THE SOUL - Meditation Retreat Location: Vajrapani Retreat Center (Santa Cruz Mountains)

4-Day Silent Meditation Retreat
with Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Thursday Evening through Sunday Afternoon, June 6-9, 2019
at Vajrapani Retreat Center, Santa Cruz Mountains


When you sit in the silence of deep meditation, joy bubbles up from within, roused by no outer stimulus. Those who have not gone into the silence of true meditation do not know what real joy is. -Paramahansa Yogananda

A meditation retreat offers the ideal environment for developing a peaceful mind and compassionate heart. The inner peace, wisdom, and joy that are uncovered during dedicated practice on a retreat will inspire and inform useful lifestyle changes. The retreat includes: daily spiritual teachings on meditation and the spiritually awakened life, study, and devotional chanting. Silent sitting group meditation is combined with periods of solitary walking meditation in nature. Prior meditation practice recommended.

Lodging and Accommodation Rates (fees go to retreat center). A donation for the retreat program itself will be received during the retreat.