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IN-PERSON AND ONLINE Flourish: Abundance in the Third Stage of Life Retreat Location: ONLINE & IN-PERSON

Flourish: Abundance in the Third Stage of Life
with Rev. Dr. Laurel Prema Trujillo and Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon       

October 11-12, 2024 (Friday Morning-Saturday Afternoon)

Fee: $60 IN-PERSON / $40 ONLINE
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"Set yourself free to flourish by focusing on freedom instead of on attachments or aversions—what you want to acquire or hope to avoid. A commitment to spiritual liberation is a commitment to fully realize our innate potential. Freedom can be our compass; it will indicate the direction for finding true success." –Yogacharya O'Brian

The third stage of life, after our careers and the raising of children, can be a time of letting go and can also be a time of opportunity. It can be a time to expand in abundance rather than to contract in loss. We can deepen our spiritual practice and focus on service to others. It is a time when we can truly flourish and advance on the path to soul liberation. Come explore your purpose at this stage of life with others also on the path to awakening.

This Retreat Includes:

  • A spiritual model to inspire your journey, with a focus on later years.
  • Exploration of the potential for abundance in this third stage of life.
  • Tools to help identify and avoid negative traps and obstacles, enabling you to flourish.
  • Ayurvedic insights to help extend your health span, keeping you vital and healthy.
  • Essential self-care practices to enhance your energy.

This retreat will include time for meditation, reflection, journaling, gentle hatha yoga, and Ayurvedic tips for healthy aging.

To continue your study beyond this retreat, you are invited to register for the six-week online class, The Forest Dweller: Thriving in the Third Stage of Life. This class is being offered October 16-November 20 and will provide a structure to explore the third stage of life in greater depth. (LEARN MORE)

Rev. Dr. Laurel Prema Trujillo was ordained by Yogacharya O’Brian to teach in the Kriya Yoga tradition in 2014. She is the host and producer of The Yoga Hour Podcast. Dr. Trujillo is a retired General Internal Medicine physician with over 20 years of experience. She also teaches Hatha Yoga and has training in Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.  She lives in San Diego with her husband, Dennis, and has two adult sons and one delightful almost 2-year-old granddaughter. 

Rev. Nita Shankari Kenyon was ordained by Yogacharya O'Brian to teach in 2016. She served as the Spiritual Director at CSE’s affiliate center, Awakening Kriya Yoga Meditation Center, in Los Osos, CA, from 2017 through 2021. She is a certified Vedic Counselor and teaches and leads meditation. Rev. Shankari retired from a long career as a Social Services Manager. She lives in Los Osos with her husband, Ken, and is the mother of two sons and grandmother of two granddaughters—one in high school and the other at UC Irving.


Attendance at all sessions is required to participant. This retreat will be livestreamed online for all participants. We are also offering a hybrid option to attend a portion of the retreat in-person, which includes morning, lunch, and afternoon sessions. Morning meditation, hatha yoga, and evening sessions will be online only for all participants.

Overnight Lodging: Apply to stay at CSE overnight and attend all sessions in person. Limited space available. (APPLY HERE )

Note: Retreat registration is required prior to applying for overnight lodging.

Registration fees covers basic administrative costs. The retreat itself is offered on a donation basis to support the CSE ministry and to continue offering programs like this one. You can offer a donation during the registration process. You will also have an opportunity to contribute throughout the retreat.

Subject to change. Attendance at all sessions required to participate. 
Recordings will be available to support participants in different time zones.


      9:30 AM   Morning Session (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)
    11:30 AM   Lunch
      1:00 PM   Afternoon Session (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)
      4:00 PM   Gentle Hatha Yoga (ONLINE)                            
      6:30 PM   Evening Session (ONLINE) 


      6:30 AM   Meditation (ONLINE)                                                 
      9:30 AM   Morning Session (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)
    11:30 AM   Lunch
      1:00 PM   Closing Session (IN-PERSON & ONLINE)                                                                                                

    This program includes one or more Meditation and Hatha Yoga sessions. By registering and participating in this program, you agree to the Participant Waiver of Liability.

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