Event Information
Blessing all Youth with Youth Art Show and Reception Location: Temple of the Eternal Way

Blessing All Youth
Sunday, December 14, at 9 and 11 am Worship Services

In every child who is born under no matter what circumstances and of no matter what parents, the potentiality of the human race is born again, and in him [or her], too, once more, and each of us, our terrific responsibility toward human life... -James Agee This service is a special time set aside to bless all youth in our community- a time to honor this spark of the Divine within them and all of the youth in our world. We bless them on their life's journey and commit to their well-being. Seeing the little ones, we remember the blessed innocence and joy of the Divine within us all. All youth, infants through teens, are welcome. Bring your children for this special blessing. Also on this day, celebrate the children’s creative expressions of the divine Self at the Youth Art Show displayed in the Compassion building.