The Yoga Hour: Living the Eternal Way offers inspiration, insights, and time-tested practices from the ancient system of Kriya Yoga—a philosophy and practice for spiritually conscious, fulfilled living today. This hour of dialogue with internationally renowned spiritual teachers offers keen insight into universal principles for enlightened living while touching the most practical aspects of our lives such as work, relationships, health, and diet. Even while emphasizing the practical, it speaks to our deepest yearnings to fully awaken to Self- and God-realization in this lifetime.

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Rasayana: Elixirs of Rejuvenation for Women’s Wellness  
Acharya Pratichi Mathur 

Acharya Pratichi Mathur, Founder and Director of Vedika Global, joins Yogacharya O’Brian for an inspiring exploration of the timeless wisdom, lifestyle practices and spiritual contemplations that are particularly supportive of women’s wellness. Ayurveda offers a comprehensive system for a woman’s well-being through all the seasons and stages of life. Additionally, it offers women Rasayanas, which are special rejuvenating elixirs. By partaking certain divinely-charged Rasayanas, women of all ages can reclaim balance, beauty, and sexual power.  

Acharya Pratichi Mathur is the Founder and Acharya of Vedika Global, dedicated to teaching, living and sharing the spiritually energized science of Ayurveda. Pratichi is the inheritor and documenter of wisdom from a long lineage of Sadhus and scholars devoted to serving humanity through the Vedic Vidyas, significantly Vedanta, Yoga and Ayurveda. Pratichi also serves as Director on the Board of Tathaastu So Be It magazine and also on the Board of Directors of California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine 


The Yoga Hour Team

Laurel Trujillo, our producer and regular guest host, is a medical doctor who formerly worked at a multi-specialty medical group with a focus in Quality Improvement.

Nita Kenyon, our assistant producer, is a meditation teacher and serves on the Board of Directors at Awakening Spiritual Community in Morro Bay, CA. She is an Adult Education Coordinator and Website Coordinator.
Ann Hayes, our assistant producer, is a meditation teacher, a retired Registered Nurse, and serves as a Hospice volunteer. She also volunteers as a director on the nonprofit board of Carry the Vision, a community nonviolence education organization.

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