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ONLINE Satsang Series with Yogacharya Location: Online

Satsang Series with Yogacharya O'Brian
Kriya Yoga Living: Six Qualities of the Awakened Heart   
Sundays, February 14 - March 21, 2021
10 AM - 11 AM (PT)

"By Kriya Yoga, one's consciousness functions on a higher plane; devotion to the Infinite Spirit then arises spontaneously in one's heart." —Paramahansa Yogananda

The heart's natural state of spiritual illumination reveals our nascent divine qualities of self-restraint, generosity, humility, perseverance on the spiritual path, freedom from anger, and uprightness.

February 14: Self-Restraint and the Superconscious Operating System
February 21: Open-Source Generosity
February 28: Knowledge Brings Humility
March 7: Keep on Keeping on, Behold One Day the Goal!
March 14: Freedom from Anger is Freedom to Love
March 21: Be an Upstanding Human Being

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