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ONLINE RETREAT Living with Higher Purpose with Rev. Sundari Jensen Location: ONLINE via Zoom

with Rev. Sundari Jensen

Thursday Afternoon - Sunday Morning, February 4 - 7, 2021

Registration Fee: $20
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"You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God 's creative principle works in you."  —Paramahansa Yogananda

Uncover your most profound life purpose by discovering the way of dharma—ancient Vedic wisdom for living with a sense of higher purpose. What is yours to do in this life? What is it you have come to offer? How is that contribution tied to your happiness and well-being?

    • Explore the source of your life purpose,
    • Discover how to express it clearly,
    • Embrace the opportunity to have it make a difference in our world.

    This retreat will include meditation, inspiration, exercises for deep reflection, and expression. There will be opportunities to practice rituals and gentle hatha yoga to enhance spiritually conscious, inspired living.

    Registration fee covers basic administrative costs. The retreat itself is offered on a donation basis to support the CSE ministry and to continue offering online programs like this one. You can offer a donation during the registration process or donate here at anytime. You will also have an opportunity to contribute throughout the retreat.

    RETREAT SCHEDULE  (U.S. Pacific Time)   

    Please plan to attend all sessions. 
    Recordings will be available to support participants in different time zones. 


    Thursday (2/4/21)

      4:30 PM   How to Have a Retreat from Home           
      6:15 PM   Chanting  
      6:30 PM   Opening Session                    

      Friday (2/5/21)           

          6:30 AM   Morning Meditation
        10:00 AM   Morning Session     
          3:00 PM   Hatha Yoga & Meditation
          6:15 PM   Chanting
          6:30 PM   Evening Session           

        Saturday (2/6/21)

          6:30 AM   Morning Meditation                                  
        10:00 AM   Morning Session     
          3:00 PM   Hatha Yoga & Meditation       
          6:15 PM   Chanting       
          6:30 PM   Evening Session               

        Sunday (2/7/21)

            6:30 AM   Morning Meditation
          10:00 AM   Community Satsang


          This program includes one or more Meditation and Hatha Yoga sessions. By registering and participating in this program, you agree to the Participant Waiver of Liability.

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