Compassionate Companions

Our ministers and Compassionate Care Team are available to visit members of the CSE community and their families while in the hospital, convalescing, or grieving. These can be stressful events in our lives, and having someone who can pray with you, listen, and offer practical support may make all the difference.

Compassionate Care Ministry (CCM) is a service offered to CSE community members who request support, as well as an educational program designed to train volunteers to be a supportive presence to people undergoing life changes and transitions.

Sacred Care Giving is a training program for caregivers to become a more spiritually conscious, loving and compassionate presence for those experiencing illness or loss. This training provides practical application of spiritual principles combined with experiential learning that takes the participant deeply into the process of self-discovery to support their service of those in need.

Each year the Compassionate Care Ministry hosts Sheltering Tree, an uplifting event  to highlight the important work of the ministry. It is an opportunity to hear from those who have been served by the program, as well as those serving the ministry. 

If you find it in your heart to care for someone else, you have succeeded.

-Maya Angelou

If you would appreciate someone visiting or would like more information, please contact:

+1 (408) 283-0221