Year End Support 2018

Open to the unlimited potential of your divine Self.

Dear Friend,

My soul was stirred recently when I heard Yogacharya O’Brian’s invitation for us to “step out of the limiting constraints of the ego and open ourselves to the unlimited potential of our divine Self.” I felt a strong call to action while listening to her share from her new book The Jewel of Abundance. I felt a big “YES” in my heart and mind. 

  • A “Yes” to welcoming an abundance of support for bringing more light into the world and bringing about positive change by providing practical support and tools for transforming lives, and helping people to fulfill their worthwhile dreams, and to live a spiritually conscious life.
I invite you to join me in saying YES to this soul-stirring commitment to inspire hope and bring about positive change in our world by making a year-end gift to the ministry. Your financial gift to CSE is a direct and practical way to participate in this important endeavor.

Will you join me in saying YES…
  • Yes, to having a flourishing, well-cared for and well-staffed meditation center where people come for spiritual nourishment, teachings that support well-being and spiritual awakening, and meditation gardens that provide an oasis of peace.
  • Yes, to offering spiritual support to those in need through providing compassionate care in homes and hospitals, vedic counseling & spiritual direction, and prayer support.
  • Yes, to helping children learn spiritual principles that support a values-based life, providing free meditation instruction to more than a thousand people in the coming year, and to continue offering free meditation sessions every day of the year.
  • Yes, to serving our CSE community both onsite at CSE world headquarters and globally via our many online and outreach programs, podcasts and publications. 

So much is made possible when we say YES to Life. When we bring our energy and resources forth to support our awakening world.

Thank you for all that you contribute throughout the year to support the ministry. Your presence, service, and financial support are greatly appreciated. Realizing our $50k goal for year-end gifts is essential for funding vital programs that support spiritual awakening for thousands of people and inspire positive change in our world.

I look forward to connecting with you this season—either in person at CSE or through our online programs. 

With abundant love and all blessings,

Rev. Sundari Jensen
Executive Director

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Rev. Sundari Jensen 
Executive Director


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