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You are an immortal, spiritual being: live as you are meant to live.  —Roy Eugene Davis

Divine Friend,

Imagine 35 years. 12,775 days for serving, uplifting, and transforming lives. This October marks CSE’s anniversary of 35 continuous years of service and we are celebrating. We are celebrating by taking 35 Bold and Beautiful Steps to deliver life changing teachings and practices. This letter is a special invitation to take those steps with us and make them possible through your support.

You can find the complete list of 35 Bold and Beautiful Steps on our website, but let me share just three of them with you. Number One on the list is: Pay the small, mighty, and dedicated CSE staff a living wage. What is so bold about that? It’s bucking a trend, going against the rules of nonprofit fundraising. Experts say, don’t bother trying to raise money for salaries, people won’t give for that. They want a special project, something tangible. What could be more real than affirming the importance of the work our staff does every day?

Bold and Beautiful Step Number Two is expanding our temple to include outdoor space for ceremonies and private reflection. Bold and Beautiful Step Number Three is publishing the new inspirational book I have written—Living for the Sake of the Soul, wisdom for living the spiritual life every day.

I spoke with someone recently about the services we will offer at CSE with an abundance of support. He remarked that with all of the wealth in Santa Clara County, it only takes one person. I left that conversation knowing that was true, but not in the way we ordinarily think of it. We may imagine that just one wealthy person could take care of everything. That would certainly help, but it does not make a community. The one person who makes a community is every person who gives and does not wait for someone else. The one person who decides to take the bold and beautiful step of participating, knowing what a difference it makes. Here’s what that can look like for this 35th anniversary:

  • Offer your bold one-time donation of $35,000, $3500, or $350. 
  • Be a bold new pledger offering $3500 per year, $350 per month, or $35 per month. 
  • Attend the 35th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, October 21. 

Thank you for thirty-five years of blessings. Your presence, prayers, service, and financial sharing are all deeply appreciated. Thank you from my heart for all that you do to nourish the CSE ministry and support the vision of a spiritually awakened world.

with bold and beautiful blessings,

Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian



Attend 35th 

Attend 35th