Meditation Sit-a-thon 2017

Breathe. Meditate. Smile.

CSE Annual Meditation Sit-a-thon
Join others for 21 days of meditation to:
Change your life in positive ways.
Improve your relationships.
Make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

CSE’s annual meditation Sit-a-thon is a community-wide educational fundraising event that supports free resources, classes, and outreach for meditation instruction and practice for people around the world.

We will engage in 21 days of intentional meditation practice to bring about change for good in our life and we raise donations for CSE by sharing with family, friends and co-workers.

Various Ways to Participate:
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Donate for a friend: Offer your financial support as a meditator or as a sponsor of someone who is meditating during the Sit-a-thon and provide essential resources that transforms lives. Or sponsor yourself!

Join a team: Share online educational materials about meditation with others Set a goal and invite friend to sponsor you with donations to CSE. Or be a team of one!

Watch instructional videos: Enhance your practice by being part of the 21 day meditation program with over a hundred others. Watch inspirational videos from Yogacharya O'Brian. 

Sign up for our Sit-a-thon programs:
Devotional Chanting 
November 3, 2017
Join for a devotional evening of prayer, meditation and song as we chant the Divine Name in its many forms and languages

Hatha Yoga for Meditation 
November 5, 2017
Join us for gentle yoga and a time to meditate together. All levels welcome!

Breathe and Sit Meditation's Way is the Breath 
November 18, 2017
Learn effective techniques to facilitate stillness in the field of awareness using the breathing process.