Meru Institute Classes are offered in a modular format, making it accessible for working adults. In general, classes meet weekly on Tuesday evenings and one weekend every 3-4 weeks, with a few exceptions. Additionally, each cohort (area of study) has a regular session with the cohort faculty leader. Following is an overview of the fall semester schedule.  

Annual Meru Retreat 
August 27-30, 2015
Thursday, 5:00 pm - Sunday, 4:00 pm 

Semester Schedule
Fall Semester: September 1 - December 15
Spring Semester: February 1 - June 15 

Weekly Evening Course
Tuesday Evenings, 6-9 pm 

Weekend Intensives (occur every 3-4 weeks)
Friday Evening: 6-9 pm
Saturdays: 8:00 am - 4 pm
Sundays: 8:00 am - 4 pm 

Weekly Cohort Sessions
In addition to the Tuesday evening classes and the weekend intensives that occur every 3-4 weeks, there will be a shorter regular check-in with the cohort faculty leader for each area of study. This will generally be about 60 minutes and will often be done over the phone.

Please note that this is a general schedule and that changes may take place as needed.