Event Information
ONLINE The Spiritual Journey of Advent Location: Zoom

Four-Week Contemplative Group Study with CSE Ministers
Based on Yogacharya O'Brian's book, Path of Wonder: A Meditator's Guide to Advent

Four Sundays
November 28 - December 19, 2021
12 PM - 1 PM (PT)


“The divine manifestation is ubiquitous; only our eyes are not open to it. The symbol opens our eyes.” —Joseph Campbell

To traverse a path in the dark night, we walk carefully, carry a lamp, or orient our way by the moon or starlight. When there is no such light to guide us, we grow quiet and profoundly aware. We listen deeply and find our way with the inner light of mindful awareness, deeply attuned to the now moment. One step at a time, the way forward is revealed.

Spiritual practices from the Christian tradition of Advent are luminous tools to guide us through the dark days and nights of Winter. Through contemplation and meditation, we can prepare our hearts and minds to reach what yogis call Kutastha Chaitanya—the universal Christ or Krishna Consciousness, which is the unchanging inner divine Self of all.

This Advent small group program will be guided by Yogacharya O’Brian’s book, Path of Wonder: A Meditator’s Guide to Advent. The small group gatherings will include inspiration, contemplative exercises, meditation, and group discussion as you experience spiritual community and explore the practical application of the teachings in daily life.

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