Event Information
Generation Yoga Retreat Location: CSE Grace Meditation Hall

Generation Yoga: The Joy of the Self
Young Adult Retreat (ages 18-36)
Led by Rev. Devin Atma Sodt and Daniel Sanjay Duarte

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Being at ease in our own lives is the   simple joy of awakening.
-Yogacharya O’Brian

Together we will make space for practicing radical acceptance by making friends with our self. The spiritual teachings of yoga remind us that our essence of being is rooted in pure Self-revealed joy, and teach us how to align ourselves to That. During this daylong retreat we will engage in practices that support this intention with time for the practice of meditation, self-reflection, and some gentle yoga asanas (postures). Vegetarian lunch will be provided. Come! Celebrate the boundless joy of your true Self and our sacred Unity.

The purpose of the CSE's Generation Yoga is to foster an environment for our rising generation of young adults, ages 18-36 to nurture spiritual growth, promote planetary awakening, and satisfy the innate yearning of the soul to experience wholeness.