Messages from Yogacharya

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Inspirational Message June 21, 2020  
Notice Dharma Arising
We are living in a time of global spiritual awakening. Actively noticing and participating in the global arising of dharma—that which contributes to the well-being of all—brings us hope and strength.


Inspirational Message June 14, 2020  
Pay Attention to the Stirring of Conscience

Inspirational Message May 17, 2020  
Train Your Mind for Wisdom, Compassion, and Strength
What does our experience of time reveal about our current way of coping with stress? How can we cultivate awareness of the divine presence that exists both in time and beyond it?
Explore the three approaches of marking time, making time, and mastering time to discover the potential for deeper wisdom and profound connection in this moment.

Inspirational Message May 10, 2020  
Pandemic to Pan Dharmic

Inspirational Message May 3, 2020  
The Soul Power of Freedom

Inspirational Message April 26, 2020  
The Soul Power of Clear Insight

Inspirational Message April 19, 2020  
The Soul Power of Truth

Inspirational Message April 12, 2020  
The Spiritual Power of Love
Yogacharya explores the spiritual power of love, and how love can free us from fear. Choose love.

Inspirational Message April 5, 2020  
The Power of the Mind and the Power of the Will
Yogacharya explores how the power of the mind and the power of the will can be a fierce determination for us at this time to awaken, to be transformed. Fearing Less, Loving More.

Inspirational Message March 29, 2020  
The Creative Power of the Universe
Yogacharya O'Brian explores how the creative power of the Universe and the power of imagination can be sourced. The Way of Being That Makes Us Stronger.

Inspirational Message March 22, 2020  
Stability through Understanding the Truth of Our Being
Yogacharya O'Brian explored how we can find stability through understanding the truth of our being in uncertain times, and being able to hold to that while everything around us is changing.
Make Your Heart a Hermitage for God.