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The Yoga Hour - Thursdays at 8 am (PT) on Unity Online Radio

The Yoga Hour: Living the Eternal Way offers inspiration, insights and time-tested practices for spiritually conscious, fulfilled living in today’s world, from the ancient system of Kriya yoga philosophy and practice. From the ocean of wisdom of the Vedic rishis, or sages, flows a stream of inspiration to powerfully transform the way we live every moment of every day.

This hour of keen insight into spiritual principles touches upon the most practical aspects of our lives such as work, relationships, health and diet. Yet even while emphasizing the practical, it does not miss our deepest yearnings to fully awaken to Self- and God-realization in this lifetime. Every seeker who yearns to know the Truth and to live in harmony with it will find The Yoga Hour to be a trusted place to listen, to reflect, to stretch the mind, and open the heart.

Listen to The Yoga Hour each Thursday morning at 8 am PT on Unity Online Radio. Tune in with your smartphone by downloading the LIVE 365 mobile app.

Upcoming Shows
  • 9/18/14 - Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Tradition: Insights from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Part 2 (Yogacharya O'Brian with guest Roy Eugene Davis).
  • 9/25/14 - Rekindle Your Life: Stoke Your Digestive Fire (Yogacharya O'Brian with guest Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar)

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